NTLite build problem

Hi - I’m a newbie on this forum, although I have read a great a number of posts, before signing up.
I’d very much appreciate help from you experts, with using NTLite version 1.3.1 64 bit .

I loaded into NTLite, 4 editions of Win7 - Home Premium 32 & 64 bit, plus Pro 32 & 64 bit. My aim was to make a 4-in-1 build & ISO. Everything went well, with no error messages, & the build took 1.5 hours.
I copied the build to a bootable USB stick, & did a test install on a spare PC. But, I had two major problems! The first was the build failed to offer any of the 4 Win7 editions to install, but completed the install with Home Premium 32 bit !

The second problem was when Win7 started, it asked for a Username & Password - neither of which I had wanted, or knew ! I tried various combinations with no success.
During the build, I deliberately didn’t use the ‘Unattended’ or ‘Post-Setup’ menus. But I did notice an Auto-installer file in the root of the build.

Please could someone explain what I could have done wrong? I’ll attach a screen shot of the build.
Many thanks if you can advise me. Raptor


@raptor :
Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!

I doubt, that your problem has anything to do with the tool NTLite.
It is obviously not as easy as you thought to put 32bit and 64bit Win7 images into the same AIO ISO file and to get later on the option to choose any of the included OS Editions and architectures (32/64bit) after booting off the related DVD/USB Flash Drive.
Since I am not an expert regarding your problem, I recommend to do a Google search for “How to build an AIO Windows 7 ISO file”. You will get a lot of hints about how to solve your specific problem.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Hi Dieter - many thanks for your helpful reply. I should have said in my earlier post, that I had read through & printed your excellent updated guide, dated Feb 16 2017 about using NTLite.

In spite of carefully following all your steps, my build not only failed to offer the 4 editions of Win7, but then demanded a username & password! Very disappointing after 1.5 hours work!

You are probably correct to say that mixing 32 & 64 bit editions was possibly the cause. I may try again with just 32 bit editions.

Thanks you again & apologies if I posted my question in the wrong forum.

Kind regards, raptor

1.5 hours work and you could easily build seperate 32 and 64 bit editions. I mean, how much space does a dvd in a slim case take up? Less than 1 audio cd in a standard size case. Even if you use usb keys, have you seen how much sandisk 8gb usb drives cost these days? £5 or less. 32 and 64 bit combined isnt worth the hassle.

DISM++ tool is what you want, it can take a snapshot of your installed system and save it as a wim to integrate into ntlite or drop on a usb drive, dism++ is my go to tool now i dont use any backup softwares. basically your own complete install from usb even with your installed programs.

Boot.wim allows 32 and 64bit installs combined.