Nvidia best compatibility models

This seemed like the most relevant location to post this query.

After doing some research on compatibility, the overall consensus i got was that with an older motherboard that isn’t compatible w/ a hybrid bios (firmware switched legacy or efi) … manual switches do seem to work, which some Sapphire models appear to have the manual button feature. After sending them a support question, it seemed i got an atypical we don’t want to be held liable for anything, so when in doubt, just tell them “no, we don’t support any legacy vbios”.

i have pci-e x16 v2+ … i have no problems using a v3 and losing a bit of performance, as when the motherboard (the most common thing i see go bad) has met it’s final days i can port the vid card to a new rig w/ v3.

my current card actually stated it requires a minimal of 600W power supply, yet after a wattage reading on it, the rig wasn’t pulling any where near 300W. i already have all of the necessary power cords w/ the purchase of the new power supply. so no issue there. as far as i know, all pci-e ports only use 75 W at max, thus the necessity for the other power inputs.

further research on this similar topic stated that almost all major brands, Nvidia, Radeon … have a high reverse compatibility w/ older boards … many example of Nvidia were given.

i don’t think my specific motherboard brand or model matters, an example of any legacy bios board working w/ a modern graphics card is more than sufficient. albeit, i don’t think i’ll be flashing any vbios for some time after having to toss what equated to 80 usd in the trash.

tx in advance for any responses or redirection to any sites that give more site specifics based on this topic, as i know this is more of site dedicated more to custom vbios.

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Wot hybrid bios? Some motherboards during transition period got a so called Hybrid bios, not GPU Cards.
The GPU bios will work in Legacy or UEFI bios motherboard
The modern cards vbios GPU have legacy vbios and efi on it.
The referred switches u found on those Sapphire AMD not NVidia r simple vbios profiles, they have nothing to do with Legacy or UEFI on motherboard bios
PCIe 2.0 have less bandwith than PCI 3.0 but both work on older motherboards, the restriction is due the motherboard chipset
When is stated as minimal power XXXwatts, its an assumption based on the rest of the HW the user may have in his rig, always check the TDP from GPU chip and u can do ur own calc.

And if u need any help or something else from the community u should state ur HW brand/model for troubleshooting.