Nvidia Profile Inspector Profile for 419.35 - 442.74 and GPU Regedit Tweaks PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK

For Windows 7 - Windows 10. Maybe someone can make a NVIDIA driver forum?

Introduction - This is optimized for Fortnite mainly but using the tutorial, you can shape it to work with any game. If you play Fortnite, you can just apply the profile and play the game.
This profile is made to be used with the drivers mentioned in the title. On the absolute bleeding edge latest drivers the profile wont even work, and i don’t know how well
it will work with earlier or later drivers. Test for your self. Using it on 441.41 and it’s working like a charm.

As you guys know, the NVIDIA Control Panel is severely underwhelming when it comes to the options in the “Manage 3D Settings” section.
For some of us enthusiasts, we like to fiddle with the profile inspector. And i mean all the settings. From top to bottom.
This profile fiddles with a couple of things

*Buffers - OpenGL buffers, CMD buffer, Unified back depth buffer and MC buffer size
*Memory Allocation
*Texture filtering - Completely disabling it
*Threaded optimization - The actual setting and claw options to fully disable it
*Framerate limiters
*Force off anisotropic filtering
*And more!

This has been in the making for a very long time. I will be updating it if i find new things.

Settings to be changed
There are some settings that are variable from game to game so it’s very important that you read everything through.
*MEMORY_ALLOCATION_POLICY - This is mostly best to set to moderate. I had the best results but it varies from game to game.
You might have better results turning it to aggressive or turning it to as needed. As needed in my understanding is driver controlled.

*MCFORCEHOSTSTAGINGBUFFERSIZE, ASYNC10_OOO_QUERY_LIMIT and OGL_PULL_MEM_BUFFER/DEFAULT - I set MC host buffer to 0x00000100 and the rest to 0x00000080.
You can also increase it as you wish. These values work best as even numbers.
You can go as low as 0x00000080 or even 0x00000020, but i wouldn’t recommend it.
*Anisotropic - This is forced off in my profile. In games that do use this or if you are not sure, turn “Prevent Anisotropic Filtering” to Off, “Anisotropic Filtering Setting” to Linear,
and “Anisotropic Filtering Mode” to Application-Controlled.

You can also try setting unified back depth buffer to On or 0xFFFFFFFF.
Threaded optimization should be on if you play games that prefer it. Set all the claw options in the OGL section to 0x00000000. This is an invalid value and means it will be driver controlled.

If you play dx9 games and want fps over input, enable async9 and disable async10, and set present mode to “Async” - If you play dx10-11 games and want fps over input, keep async10 on, and keep the present mode at "Async"
If you play a game in dx11 or 10, please disable async9. Same goes if you play a dx9 game, just the other way around. If you play an OpenGL game or a Vulkan game, make sure to test the settings yourself. For dx9 games i really recommend turning async9 off because most of the time your fps will be high already. If you play csgo and you are struggling for fps. Enable it.
It’s a bit hard to word but please just test your game and see what it does turning it on vs off.

Why is anti aliasing not turned off?
In this profile, anti aliasing is turned to application controlled. This does not hurt performance as in most games you can force it off.
Fortnite in particular, loses hurts performance turning it off. That’s why i personally recommend to leave it as it is.

Why is low latency mode set to ultra? Doesn’t it hurt fps?
Well, in this profile, MC Buffer Size is set to a value that works with it. This makes it so the loss in fps ultra would usually cause to not happen at all.
And with the Regedit tweaks, setting “PrimaryPushBufferSize” also helps.
If you are on a low end or an older version graphics card, try increasing MC buffers and setting low latency mode to “On” or even “Off”.

Registry tweaks
These were found on Ghidra. I don’t know if all of them work but they are actual options and not just complete BS.
The push buffer setting in particular really helped me when running low latency mode on "Ultra"
This .reg file also imports the silk smoothness option in the NVIDIA Control Panel. A lot of the time it can’t be edited through the inspector and has to actually be manually set through it. Set it to off for best input
It’s the same for low latency mode. If it was not set by the .nip profile, set it manually to ultra in the NVIDIA Control Panel.

If you don’t know how to import a NVIDIA Profile, google it. Don’t ask here.

https://ufile.io/1lxnuryk <- Contains the right version of nvidiaProfileInspector, the Regedit tweaks, and the profile.

Can u send me the pack in dms ? The link does not work for me

Hello, please reupload.

can u reupload it? for all they intrested in PrimaryPushBufferSize it putted in the Windows Registry under \Registry\Machine\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\nvlddmkm : PrimaryPushBufferSize by the Way. Enabling or disabling this?