Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 drivers

I’m wondering if anybody has managed to get a win7 driver for the Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 card?


Thanks in advance for your help

Download Nvidia RTX5000 windows 2012R2 driver,it also can support win7/2008R2/win8/2012.

Thank you for help!
I’ve tried to install your mentioned driver (Version 472.84), but it sadly doesn’t work


You need to install the driver manual. Can not run the Nvidia setup.

I’ve tried my best, but it sadly didn’t work.

I followed these instructions:
1) Removed the old Nvidia driver from the system with a program called "Display Driver Uninstaller"
2) Unpacked the driver “472.84-quadro-rtx-winserv-2012r2-64bit-international-whql” with a program called "Bandizip"
3) Tried to install the driver through the “device manager” (chosen the unpacked driver folder and ticked “include subfolders”)
As it didn’t work, I repeated 3) and chosen manually all subfolders separately.

Afterwards Ive gone through all subfolders of the driver with the file explorer and tried to start all applications that I could find (run as administrator) and used right click and install for all driver files.

Not sure what I did wrong. The only idea I’ve got is that the NVIDIA website offers the RTX5000 driver for Win server 2012 R2 just for the “Quadro RTX Series” and not for the “Quadro RTX Series (Notebooks)”. As I’m using this GPU in my notebook (DELL precision 7740), this might be the problem?

You need to add the HWIDs/DEVIDs to one of the .ini files, check notebookreview for that.

Thanks to both of you for your help

This video perfectly explains what is needed to do

I just need to find out how to get the driver signed

According to my knowledge you can manually install any matching un-modified WHQL certified driver - even if the exact DeviceID is missing within the related *.INF file - by using the "Have Disk" option, navigating to the appropriate *.INF file and choosing the best matching device among the listed ones.
Only precondition: The desired driver itself (= *.SYS file) has to support the in-use device, although the specific DeviceID is missing within the *.INF file.

I didn’t know that you can choose the devices from the inf file with the “Have Disk” option, thanks.

But the driver sadly shows that my Windows 7 version is not supported (Used the win 2012R2 driver 472.84 and 472.12, which Canonking mentioned earlier in this thread and the version 441.66 which NVIDIA lists when you search for win7 64bit drivers)

Were you ever able to get the RTX 5000 drivers to install on Windows 7? Did the 441.66 version driver work for you or did it fail to install even though it was officially listed on Nvidia’s site? I’m also having a similar issue with my RTX A4000 and was thinking of getting a RTX 5000 incase i wasnt able to get the A4000 to work with Windows 7.

Well, I’ve got it running in Win7 test mode, but not when you run win normal. I just found a program that enables to emulate win7 test mode for a specific driver even when windows runs in normal mode.
Basically, I just need someone who is able to digitally sign my modded driver. I’ve got my new laptop since December, and It’s still not running, quite frustrating. I would even pay someone for signing my driver or finding me an NVIDIA USB 3.1 driver, but I couldn’t find anybody.