(nvme boot) modding dell 12th gen poweredge server bios

has anyone succeeded in modding a dell 12th gen poweredge server bios file to add the ability to nvme boot?

@DreddKLC - Dump the BIOS for me, and link to stock BIOS. If it’s Intel based, you can dump with FPT once you find the ME FW version, or you can use Universal BIOS backup Toolkit (False pos virus report due to screen freeze during operation and it access BIOS, safe to ignore)

Thank you @Lost_N_BIOS !

Here is the link to the stock bios

the exe will let you extract the contents, the bios is in the payload directory

I’ll work on getting it dumped asap, I don’t have an OS on the box yet, are you aware of any linux live cds with bios dump capability?

Do you think this will work?

ps: excuse the ignorance, remember, I’m a bios-mod noob :frowning:

I know how to extract Dell’s BIOS in many ways, but that’s not something you can use on your end, unless it also contains and HDR file and you know how to flash HDR for this system. Ohh, so it does contain HDR, and I assume then you know how to flash this, maybe luck that way

You can try flashrom, but that’s usually used for programming with a programmer. What is this system model name, so I can put BIOS in proper folder for my storage, it is just Dell R820?

I found your ME type/version, but don’t have the correct tool package to send you yet (Maybe get via PM shortly), but if not then the only way I can mod BIOS for you is if you have flash programmer (Like CH341A) and dump the BIOS
If you have 8pin BIOS then you also need SIOC8 test clip cable, if one is 8pin and one is 16pin then you need SOIC16 test clip cable too, if both BIOS 8pin then you just need the one cable and CH341A programmer (Total cost for both is around $5 on ebay, but long wait for delivery)

Sorry, some HDR I can edit, this one I can’t edit properly Sorry, I don’t know anything about Linux tools. Flashrom might work there, but it will only help if you can flash back too with it, so if it dumps for you, test if you can flash that same file right back in.

@DreddKLC - For the following,you will need a windows install setup, or you can do from DOS. Please download Intel ME System Tools V7 package from section “C” in this thread
Inside you will find flash programming tool folder, and inside that a Win32 folder. Select that Win32 folder, hold shift and press right click, choose open command window here (Not power shell)
Then at the command enter the following command and zip and upload the created file for me >> FPTw.exe -bios -d biosreg.bin

If doing DOS way, copy all files from DOS folder inside flash programming tools folder, to the root of your USB, then run this command >> FPT.exe -bios -d biosreg.bin

Plutomaniac This was the thread I needed SPS V2 for recently we’ll see how V7 works out

I am at a complete loss. This is the most relevant info I could find as far as making Gen12 Dell PowerEdge servers boot from NVMe. Can anyone point me into the right direction? Sysadmin by trade, but man, this is a completely unknown territory.

Start here: NVMe Support for old Systems

Has anyone had any luck in achieving this? Would love to have this on my setup as well. Since my truenas doesn’t play well with clover.