NVME boot on Intel DZ77BH-55K

This is the lastest one 0100,not the 057,but still thank you

He doesnt know how to read English…0057 to him its 0100, more simple you see.
And know, due to my comments the kid is gonna try all he can to get you that 0057…wait for it, you’ll see hes a really hard working guy.

the file name BHZ7710H.86A.057.BI.ZIP

haha yours are all very kind :smiley:

unfortunately ,I can not download that bios either, can you help me download it ,thanks :sweat_smile:

Its seems the server is in Russia…
I dont have other source…and you’re unlucky because i do have several initial bios releases for several Intel boards but not this one, sry.

thats rude of you :slight_smile:

https://it.pcdrivers.guru/ ,this web can you download it for me??I also can not get the bios,so bad luck… :smiling_face_with_tear:

You cant download and seems that no one can, its not user side fault.

@ winraidj
EDIT: Already told you its not user bad access to the file, its their server down or IP/Country filters/restrictions.
Stop doing multiple posts with same content and several times the same links, that all users can see already.
And you can edit your posts to add info no need to make new ones.

bad luck() can you Download the [BH0057.BIO] for me,thanks a lot
!the link is on the picture…

ok ,I know :sweat_smile:

Great news,I search all the google web, and finally find a 057file dump from a real dz77bh-55k board on a Russia forum,download and mod the S/N,MAC Address, flash into my board use ch341 usb programmer,and now the board runs very good now,here is the file 057 …hope some one may need…
intel_dz77bh-55k-0057.rar (4.6 MB)
Intel removes all download links is disappointing behavior

Glad you sort it out and thank you for sharing the file, but the reported ID in the bios is BHZ7710H.86A.0100.2013.0517.0942. ?!?!?!

I do suggest if is your intention of upgrade to the latest bios, that you do an incremental update in the following order 057 to 070 to 083 to 91 to 93 to 96 and finally 0100.
Good luck.

EDIT: No let it stay here, since you reported that it worked to recover your motherboard.

may be I will try ,but there is no 070. 083.085 bio to download ,tired of to flash, jusr want to some rest.thank you, if the 057 file is not the real 057 original rom, I could delete it :smiling_face_with_tear: