NVME boot on Intel DZ77BH-55K


Is it possible to nvme boot on an Intel DZ77BH-55K motherboard. Whats the best way ?



@rsfdpn - Yes, you need these two items first though, it’s the only way to modify Intel BIOS (Around $6 total shipped)

You make a dump of the current BIOS with programmer, then edit that, then program back to the board

Thanks @Lost_N_BIOS

Ordered the parts on ebay. Where can I find the instructions? There are so many on this site, can you please help pick the right one for my mobo?


You’re welcome @rsfdpn - There is not a super complete and detailed guide that I know of for using these, but I can help you once they arrive if the links below don’t fully help.
https://www.bios-mods.com/forum/Thread-G…highlight=CH341 << This one has lots of good images, so you’ll be able to figure out how to connect easily I think
[Guide] Using CH341A-based programmer to flash SPI EEPROM << This one general “How to flash” it’s brief, but pretty good I suppose

Here is package of many software versions and the main driver you need to install

And here, I wrote a brief summary of my general method when using for another member during a chip test
[OFFER] P9X79 PRO BIOS Modded for NVMe SSD (6)

No matter what, before you write anything, make sure you get a verified backup (Chip/buffer and memory match/same)
Then make sure that is valid by dropping BIOS in UEFITool and make sure it looks OK (Similar/same layout/errors as stock BIOS), and open in hex editor and make sure it’s not all FF’s or 00’s
Or have someone check the file for you, that way you know you get a proper backup before you write anything, that way you do not loose your board specific details (LAN MAC ID, serial, UUID etc)

You are awesome @Lost_N_BIOS

Thank you!

You’re welcome, post back once it arrives and I’ll help you get started if you need!

Hello @Lost_N_BIOS

Here is my motherboard specs. Can I upload the modded BIOS via USB while in recovery mode? If not, I just don’t know which is the BIOS chip on the motherboard.

Thanks again.


Hi @rsfdpn - no USB recovery mode will not work with MOD BIOS, or that would be the standard method used, only flash programmer will work

Show me actual picture of your motherboard and I will circle the BIOS for you. Did your programmer arrive now?

Looks like chip between SB and memory slots, a little to the right, butt I can only find a few not so great images.
Does that chip say SPI or BIOS near it? If not, what about one directly below last SATA Slot, does it say SPI or BIOS near that one?


Hello Lost_N_BIOS!

I used a Samsung 950 Pro 512GB Nvme on the DZ77BH-55K board and it boots. I’m booting Windows 10 on Nvme out of the box with no changes to the BIOS.

Thank you for your support. Much appreciated.

@rsfdpn :
You can boot off your Samsung 950 Pro SSD, because this specific NVMe SSD has an NVMe Option ROM in-the-box (nearly no other SSD has it), but the SSD is only bootable in LEGACY mode using the Master Boot Record (MBR).
If you want to be able to boot off your NVMe SSD in UEFI mode using the GuiMode Partition Table (GPT), you have to use a BIOS, which contains the necessary NVMe EFI module.

@rsfdpn - great you are booting your NVME now, and sorry I didn’t realize this was your SSD or I would have remembered to mention this from seeing Fernando mention it often.

Can you dump dz77bh-55k original bios rom for me(use the ch341,or use intel flash programming tools), my motherboard run post code22,reboot loop, need to flash bios… thanksText

can anyone help me to download [BH0057.BIO]???I can not download ,the web just show 503

Why the 057? Latest is BH0100, witch do you want?

EDIT: For this model only have the latest, my usual source is clould down today and maybe for a long time (Russia), try it yourself another time: https://dl2.rebyte.me/files/c4CaXQH9_-IYOngYf_BSmQ==,1679060584/7/3/8/2/6/BH0057.BIO

057 is the first version,inclood ME ,BH099…0100 just have EFI part things, so can you help me download the 057bios file??thanks a lot

thank you very much I will try it

thanks a lot. try it

this web also can not download …if can upload googledrive or some cloud may be can Download

here i found one working with the flasher:
BHZ7710H.86A.0100.BI.ZIP (6.0 MB)