NVME drive for an old Lenovo G500 Laptop

Hi guys, I have just updated my desktop computer with an nvme drive (i had an HDD), and it’s running super fast.
I decided to do the same for my laptop, the thing is that I do not have the knowledge on laptop hardware, so I decided to ask a few questions before proceeding.

1. Just a general question first: I have seen youtube videos on how to replace a regular laptop HDD with an SSD. The SSD looked the same(ish) like the regular desktop SATA3 SSD - are they actually the same (like a small-thin brick :P) of do they have different connections to the pc.
2. Do I need a laptop nvme drive? or it is common to use the regular desktop nvme drive card?
3. Since my desktop pc is an old one, I had to flash the bios following Fernandos tutorial. Will I need to do the same for my G500 laptop? is the process the same?
4. What should I search in online stores to find an adapter for the nvme drive?


SSDs are generally 5 times faster and even 10 than a traditional HDD
SATA connections are universal,just unplug your HDD then plug in your SSD.SSD counterparts are a bit thinner.2.5-inch

NVMe is a protocol that allows you to reach even higher speeds than with a SATA SSD.
Needs connector on motherboard.You can find a way around this problem on towers but since there is limited space inside the notebooks,you may be out of luck.Just for the information though,you should be looking for an M2 to SATA adapter

If you ask me,in both of your situations i would go for two good 2.5inch SSD (WD Blue for example) and be done with it.Still way faster in terms of speed and response

Lenovo G500
Latest bios version is 78CN25WW(V2.03) ,dated 31 Aug 2016

As a rule of thumb keep your OS,bios and drivers up to date