NVME Performance Issue on Windows Server 2016

I for the life of me can’t figure out what’s going on here. Reaching out for a lifeline from this forum.
I have workstation with dual e5-2660v4 cpu’s. Motherboard is an Asus z10pe-d16 w/ an onboard x2 m2 slot. SSD is a Toshiba XG4 NVME drive. OS is Windows Server 2016
My read/write performance is horrid. Using an 3.0x4 pcie card, Crystalmark gives me 128-130MB/s read and write for sequential Q32TI. Sequential is 1176/804. 4k is 33/99.
Using the onboard m.2 is slightly worse, but in the ballpark.
I have a sata SSD that performs fine with no issues w/ typical 500-600MB/s read/write.

Any ideas what is limited the performance of this drive?

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Any ideas what is limited the performance of this drive?
Not really. I suspect, that you either have done a mistake or not implemented the required actions for an optimized SSD performance.
Please have a look into the start post of >this< thread. Nearly all tips are valid for NVMe SSDs as well.

I installed server 2016 because I wanted to know more of this problem but then discovered that the problem does not exist.
the only problem I had was with the samsung driver but as you can see the standard driver works just fine.