NVMe Support for Apple machines - only drivers or EFI modules necessary?

I have been looking for a solution for Macbook NVME boot.
The Apple Bootrom doesn’t seem to recognize NVME disks, even after the update to HighSierra which changed the Bootrom to a newer version (no more beep noise on startup, and supposedly compatible with NVME).
I found an alternative solution which involves booting to a USB disk first: https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/boo…e-card.1967790/
But it would be really great to modify Apple Bootrom to make it able to see NVME disks like Kingston KC1000.
Anyone has any ideas on how?

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I am sorry, but I personally cannot help you, because I don’t have any own experience with Apple computers or Operating Systems.
Hopefully you will get support by anyone else.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

@pedrosimao :
What your trying to do is at the moment very difficult. I would go to Insanelymac.com and ask the Gurus over there what to do.

Problem #1 is that Apple hardware is proprietary. Problem #2 High Sierra is now using the AFPS file system.
But I think the Apple firmware may have a whitelist. Their drives also need to have certain sector size configurations as well.

Not sure if its doable.

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@pedrosimao :
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@davidm71 thanks a lot, I know it is not easy. I will follow your suggestion and ask in Insanelymac.

Good luck. You would probably have to patch the kernel and it’s going to be a pain as after every osx update it would revert. I would repurpose that nvme drive for another system if I was you.

What MacBook model if I may ask? Fwiw I have a MacBook that despite what some people have said will not support nvme. Bet yours is the same type and you should have bought a standard ngff sata m.2 drive.

@davidm71 My model is a MacBook Pro 15" Retina (late 2013).
I have a Kingston KC1000 NVME 480Gb running on it with no problem. I just bought a M.2 converter on Amazon and it works just fine.
The only problem I face is bootrom not recognizing it. HighSierra have the drivers that make it possible to use NVME disks. Before High Sierra it was not possible.