NVMe Support for GA-870A-UD3?

Dear @Fernando . Is posible enable nvme support on ga 870 ud3?Thanks

AFAIK a Gigabyte GA-870-UD3 doesn’t exist. That is why I suspect, that your mainboard is a GA-870A-UD3.
With this old non-UEFI mainboard you can definitely use an NVMe SSD, but probably only for storage purposes. To be able to boot off it you should either buy a Samsung 950 Pro SSD (supports natively booting in LEGACY mode) or customize the extracted NVMe Option ROM of the Samsung 950 Pro and insert it into the mainboard BIOS of your mainboard.
Within the Forum section “NVMe Support for old Systems” you can find other options to get the OS installed onto an NVMe SSD without booting off it.
Good luck!

As @Fernando suggested, let’s assume that your motherboard is the Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3. It looks like it was designed back in ~2010-2011. As said, this is a non-UEFI motherboard.

A solution to install an OS on an NVMe SSD in your system is to use an NVMe PCIe adaptor, and then to use the Clover bootloader.

In fact, this is what I did on an even older motherboard, and it works fine. See my post here.

Let us know if you wish to proceed further in the Clover path. I will be glad to provide further assistance.