NVMe to PCIe adapter with option rom available?

Hello all,
I just got a new nvme ssd (kingston A2000 1T) without really searching thoroughly if this is supported on my mobo (DF77DH bios 0112, uefi boot). I came accross a document from intel that said what options one should specify on bios, but this document was for their 750 ssd that had an oprom onboard. The disk is recognised by windows 10 as a storage device but I would like to use it also to boot the OS from there.
After searching more carefully I found out (mostly on this forum) that there are really 2 options one has to make this work. Either modify the bios or use a usb clover/duet boot stick. However I was wondering if there is an adapter that has oprom on board just like the old ssds from intel (750) and samsung (950 pro). My adapter is 6amLifestyle M.2 NVME or AHCI SSD to PCIE 3.0 which is just a passive adapter as I suspect, not having any chip onboard that interferes with the bios.

Regards, Apostolos.

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Since your request has nothing to do with the topic "Storage Drivers" (an Option ROM is a BIOS/Firmware module), I have moved it into the much better matching Sub-Forum "NVMe Support for old Aystems". Additionally I have customized your chosen thread title.
My answer: No!
Adapters generally neither contain a Storage Controller nor an Option ROM module. Only the NVMe SSD itself (e.g. the Samsung 950 Pro) resp. its Controller chip may have an NVMe Option ROM, which makes it bootable, but only in "Legacy mode".
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Thank you Fernando for the administrative actions and the reply. I suspected as much the answer to be negative. This topic can be closed as solved.