Odd noise from my N552VW laptop

Im having a Asus N552VW laptop for 2 years. Since i bought this laptop there is an annoying problem with it. in some cases that i list them below im hearing two kind of odd noises from motherboard:
-scrolling on google chrome or even sometimes just opening a webpage and moving mouse pointer on it.
-oppening, closing, saving file on microsoft excel and word scrolling on it, typing on it or even selecting or deselecting part of a text by mouse , touchpad or keyboard. (im saying its not related to those pheriphrials.)
-working with pdf files selecting or deselecting text and everything just like word and excel.
i attached two files with this post, one of then containing one of those noises and another containing both of them.
I have to say that formerly i had an skhynix 120gb ssd and the i have changed my ssd to Samsung NVMe ssd with 250 GB of capacity and its not impact the sound at all. i had it before ind im having it now.
Also i should notice that sometime in the past i had oppened my laptop to clean the heatsink and replace the silicon and i turned it on after all while i had the case still opened, i was searching for the source of noise and it was from around the cpu place. there were cubic electronic parts on the motherboard and as i know they are inductors. but i dont know what should i do.
again i should say that im always installing latest drivers for my laptop from station-drivers and i can remember that this noise were decreased in some earlier intel Graphic driver version from 2017.
im also modding and updating my bios, microcode, intel ME engine, gop and vbios, but without any effects on the noise.
these are my laptop Hardware specification:
Intel I7 6700HQ
12 GB of Ram - 2 slots 8 GB Micron + 4 GB samsung
Samsung SSD NVMe 250 GB + 1 T Toushiba Hard drive
Nvidia GTX960M
and i should say say that when i play games and doing hard procceses like rendering or working with photoshop or any other heavy loading procceses there will be no noise at all.

recordings.zip (747 KB)

You can put clear silicon over the noisy part if you want, like clear caulk, it will help dampen the noise and not damage anything. To help you narrow it down or confirm, use a paper towel cardboard roll to listen to the board with case open.
Sometimes, enable or disable speedstep, C1E, C3/C6 EIST (Often, disable C1E and EIST/speedstep will quiet it down quickly), but on a laptop doing this will also increase heat and drain battery quicker.

thanks for replying, why im having that noise and is it a common problem for all or some systems with same hardware specs?
do i have to change some electronic parts like inductors?
about disabling C1E, C3/C6 EIST, how can i do it my motherboard doesn’t have any option to do it?

It’s common issue with some system builds, sometimes it’s bad in graphics cards or power supplies too. If you are still under warranty from Asus, they might do “Something” for you, if you are I’d email them and ask what they could offer to do.
I can help you change some settings, either by booting to grub and using setup_var commands, or I can make modified BIOS for you. If you want to try either of those, let me know which and I’ll advise next steps.
If you want modified BIOS, please send me image of BIOS advanced page as you can see it now, scroll up or down if needed

incredibly Asus released a new version of bios after 3 years. it was just released on 29-5-2019 for my laptop. It’s version is N552VWAS.304. I installed this version and there were no effect on my problem. i Also was curious about what they included in this version of bios. as i checked the CPU Microcode version is as old as the last version N552VWAS.300 which was released on 29-12-2016 also there is no change on Intel ME version and when i put the bios in to UBU 1.74 and i compared this version with last one there is even no change in GOP, VBIOS, EFI Realtek Undi, OROM Realtek Boot Agent GE and generally speaking nothing new included in this package. Also i had two problem with my laptop beside those we talked about it:
- First of altough my laptop has a USB Type C port im having kind of strange problem with it. sometimes it can not determine new devices attached to it so i should try dettaching and attaching my USB Flash Drive or USB Type C mobile device 3 to 4 times to force it know my device. i know that its a software or firmware problem because with different versions of ASMedia usb 3.1 Firmware and driver it’s performance was totally diferent.
- The second problem which i told Asus support 3 times is that i can not boot from flash drive on type C interface. I mean when i attach a bootable flash drive to type C port my laptop Bios can not show it at all. i told them that its strange and there were no answer from them. I also asked them to update intel ME, CPU Microcode and other Bios Modules but they didnt answer me and now that they are releasing new bios version there is no change they are just saying “Optimize system performance” in changelog.
do you know how can we find the exact changelog for it?

They added a new microcode in 304 BIOS, but left old as well which should have been removed when adding the new one. It is odd to update this, but then not to use the latest version, they put in 2018 instead of 2019 one
ME FW is not part of the BIOS they provide online (that’s only partial BIOS upgrade), you need to download ME FW package from the Asus drivers section (Not updated, last one 2016) or from the ME area here on the forums.
They never provide any exact change log, and even when they do tell you 3-5 more changes, that’s only a very small list of the probable 20-30+ changes made in each BIOS version

Not booting from USB 3/3.1 or Type C is common, I’m not sure if any system can do that yet? On the connecting issue, if this is the same controller chip as your other you’ve used with better success then you can probably flash it to that same FW

Yes, sound issue would remain same, because items I mentioned to you are and always will be same applied default settings, until you change them