[OFFER] AsRock Z77 Pro4 microcode update ONLY!

Hello guys,

I am an absolute noob in this whole thing, but I somehow managed to update my motherboards microcode using the latest available rom.

The only thing I’ve done is updating the microcode to the latest available version, which is currently 1C from 2015 using UBU.

Thats my proof that its actually updating:

and here is the aftermath:

So yeah, it seems to work just fine. If anyone is willing to anything else with that I don’t care.

Download here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YrciIE_…iew?usp=sharing

If it fucks your shit up, then sorry but you probably shouldn’t have downloaded this file then.

PS: It will install from a usb stick just fine. It completely reset all my settings, so I had to set up the raid in boot settings before the system booted.