[OFFER] ASUS G751JY (CPU 4710HQ) - updated bios 213

  1. EFI RST
    2. oROM RST TRIM Mod by Lost_N_BIOS
    3. NVME Mod Insert
    4. All microcodes removed in main volume except updated 306C3
    5. All original microcodes remain in secondary (last) volume >> updated

    Use Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver

    This mod is only for G751JY with CPU I7-4710HQ !

    - Backup first your bios (AFUDOS backup.bin /O)
    - Flash only the Main bios image and the boot block (AFUDOS modbios.* /P /B)

    All credits to @Lost_N_BIOS - Link : Modded_bios_v213_Lost_N_Bios - Link to original Story