[OFFER] Asus H81M-A NVMe mod


As per Fernando’s awesome guide, i have successfully modded Asus H81M-A 2203 BIOS for NVMe support.
It works succesfully with Sabrent Rocket NVMe 256GB (SB-ROCKET-256) and Windows 10.
I used the nvmexpressdxe_4.ffs module from the thread.
No modules were removed to make room, it fit without issues.

Known issues:

The flash file cannot be flashed from the BIOS or using ASUS’s tools because of the security protection. Need to use AFUDOS or AFUWIN version 3.05.04 (with the /GAN parameter). It can only be flashed using the /GAN parameter.

H81M-A-2203-NVMe.zip (5.08 MB)

hi mastertheknife,

greetings! i have an h81m-a board. i am interested to use your mod. what exact bios settings did you use to effect modification? thank you.

From what i remember, no special settings are needed.
You will see a PATA SS drive from what i remember, but you should not try booting from that drive.
You need to install Windows/Linux in UFEI mode, and then configure BIOS to UEFI boot Windows/Linux.