[OFFER] ASUS M5A97 R2.0 BIOS with NVMe Support & LAN + CPU Microcode Updates

Added NVMe Support via MMTool and then Updated LAN and CPU Microcodes with UBU v1_79_16 - NB I used a CH341A programmer to program the removable 32mb chip:

M5A97R20.zip (3.06 MB)

Thank you, you have made me do a lot of research for this.
Best regards

Hi @andymac , how are you, I hope well, look I have your same motherboard, and I have problems with the modified bios, what version of CH341A programmer software did you use and how did you do it, could you help me with that, I’m going crazy to save any bios settings as it freezes the machine when doing it, I hope your answer, greetings!

Hi @Nekrodamus ,
Sure, I can understand - firstly confirm your M5A97 version is correct - ASUS made M5A97 , M5A97 PLUS, M5A97 PRO, M5A97 EVO and M5A97 R2.0 models from what I can tell. This mod BIOS only works for the ASUS M5A97 R2.0.
I used CH134A v1.30 from memory with a black CH134A that looks like this one https://youtu.be/5NYe21nFSDI .
The chip comes out with a thin flat blade screwdriver lifting one side up gently then pulling the chip out straight. The 32mb chip goes in the CH134A programmer as per the 25xx pic on the side of the programmer. My tip is read and save your original BIOS first before reprogramming as ASUS BIOS seem to store the LAN and BIOS serial numbers in the individual motherboard’s unique BIOS. Check here for some tips [Guide] Using CH341A-based programmer to flash SPI EEPROM .
Let me know how you go.