[OFFER] ASUS P8P67 (Non pro) BIOS to support booting from NVME

Here’s a modified Rom, that I have confirmed working on the P8P67 (non pro just regular)
Since there was not enough space in the BIOS to install the module I removed the TPM drivers as I would not be using that (nor will most gamers) unless you are using bitlocker to encrypt the machine.


-4th Ram slot B2 does will cause the system not to POST if the memory is installed in that slot. This is just a compatibility problem, but ASUS will not update their BIOS to resolve this.

Original BIOS version 3602

P8P67-ASUS-3602modded.rar (3.05 MB)

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JUST NOTICED mines the pro version … just got one of these drives …and can only boot once windows has loaded …

also i noticed , since moving on to windows 10 … the speed of my usb 3.0 external drive has dropped … from around 130 to 98 ##Thanks Bill

@zazzn When you say non pro does that include evo? I have a p8p67 evo and try to install this as you would a normal bios update and its will not it says not efi?

Am I not compatible or doing it incorrectly. I have a samsung 960 evo m.2 I am trying to boot from via pcie.


No your going to have to make your own or have someone make a custom modded bios with the nvmexpressdxe module placed inside your bios file. I think that would be best for you instead of using the Clover boot loader or Duet. When I first figured out how to add the nvme module into my bios I was using a similar motherboard as yours but you never want to flash another version of bios from another board. They have to be exact. Anyhow thats what needs to be done.

YES - It works!! Thanks to you I didnt need to go through the trouble of editing the stock 3602 rom manually. Thank you & Merry Christmas !!!