[OFFER] ASUS Z87-A Bios/UEFI_v2103_complete_mods

Is anyone else having issues extracting the Z87A bios? I am getting: “The archive is in unknown format or damaged.”

@JoeBlow, you must use newest RAR, now 6.11



Your welcome. Merry Christmas! :innocent:

Sorry I have another dumb question. I cannot seem to find any link to afuwinx64, please advise.

[Guide] How to flash a modded AMI UEFI BIOS - BIOS/UEFI Modding / BIOS Modding Guides and Problems - Win-Raid Forum (level1techs.com)

2. Usage of an AMI AFUDOS or AFUWIN Tool:

Thank you! I was able to flash my old Z87-a and now I can boot off of an NVMe SSD!! So happy I found this thread. :grinning: Again thanks to the OP and all who helped make this possible!

Hello, I did everything and successfully install the modded bios but I have a problem.
The adapter name is XTVTX NVMe pcie 4 slots(can only add 2 links just google the name) and 2 NVMe


The one that has 500G It working as intended, is recognized in the bios, the other one(1T) neither the bios nor the windows can recognize is there another mod to support this kind of NVMe?

The adaptor must have its on Bi-Furcation PCIe lane chipset or a motherboard with it, you should bougth 2 independent adaptors.
Did you read the damm product desciption?

XTVTX 4 Port NVMe to PCI-e Host Controller Expansion Card, Support 2230 2242 2260 2280?M.2 NVME to PCIe X16 Adapter, M Key Hard Drive Converter Reader Expansion Card: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories

Is even on the images…

Now buy 2 adaptors and one will be used a Boot drive and the other will be present in Windows OS as regular storage drive.
Dont worry your not the first “fool” that wants a Ferrari but has a Seat. Cheers.

EDIT: Keep in mind that, PCIex16_1 and 2 will be split to 3.0x8 if using GPU and PCIe NVMe adaptor, also the 3rd x16 slot will work only @ PCIe2.0 x2

Thanks MeatWar, I will do that.

I appreciate your time.

Are you saying that when I use the adapter my GPU will be less effective?

Common on older chipsets, the pcie lanes will be divided, read your motherboard manual page6… this is the spec design from the Intel Z87 chipset.
If you have a dedicated GPU 3.0x16 on Slot PCIex16_1 and put something else on 2 the lane will be split to 3.0 x8/x8.
So your dedicated GPU will work only @ 3.0x8 instead of the single card 3.0x16, so theoretical…yes there’s a loss of performance but depends of the user scenario.

Can someone that has completed this update upload their nvme supported bios as z87-a.cap file?

I am trying to follow the steps to complete it myself but I am stuck at the step to circumvent the ASUS BIOS protection (detected and published [>here< ]

The NVMe_UEFI_MOD.zip link at that site no longer works. Thanks

What does this forum have to do with external files and guides?

The NVMe mod file on this thread OP in ROM format, is for flashing according our guide

Any ROM mod file can be encapsulated again.

Any user can make his own NVMe mod from CAP file according our guide

@eric_f @MeatWar

Post #1 updated with NVMeDxe5.Ffs updated Nov 11, 2023

Flash method outlined in posts #5, 6, & 7



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Hans, I have read this thread about 1000x lol.

What applies to me is thread 5, I am using the AMI tool AFUWIM… I don’t believe I need the step by ValkyrieStar, if I do the link doesn’t work anymore at his site.

Maybe where I am going wrong is that I don’t understand the point of flashing the original CAP BIOS in step 2. I have performed that step successfully, but what does that accomplish when in step 3, it says to replace the original BIOS with the modded one with a .ROM format. I presume by “modded one” we a referring to the file that you modded at the beginning of this thread. If I have to mod your modded ROM, those instructions are not clear to me.

I am trying, I am not looking for an easy answer, but I am not getting it. Thanks much, great forum, lots of fun!

The point of the post is in the heading [OFFER]. :rofl:

So yes, the follow up is to download the modded Z87A.ROM and flash using method 3 in the post cited above.

Presumably, you are going to buy an PCIe adapter & mount an M.2 SSD drive to take advantage of the the mod. Otherwise, it would be a pointless exercise.

Let me know how much fun you are having.



The fun for me would be successfully updating the BIOS in my rather old Z87A board to accept the PCIe adapter and M2.SSD drive which I have yet to purchase. But since I can’t figure what I am doing wrong, I am just banging my head against the wall.

Cheers back to you,

From the command line with administrator privileges in Win10/Win11 run the successive commands:

With the BIOS UEFI from the manufacturers website:

afuwinx64.exe Z87A.CAP

With the BIOS UEFI which you download from post #1

afuwinx64.exe Z87A.ROM /GAN



Yes, yes, that is exactly what I did. And both steps complete with no issues or errors. But when I shutdown/restart the system, the BIOS complains immediately that I need to restore. There is no option to proceed, I am forced to restore. I guess it is something unique about my system I will try again later. Thanks for your help.