[Offer] ASUS Z87-DELUXE-DUAL updated BIOS v2103 NVMe mod

Using the UBU with UEFITool v27 I also upgraded the following:
EFI GOP Driver Haswell 5.0.1036 ----> 5.5.1034
EFI Intel Gigabit UNDI 5.4.19 ----> 0.1.00
EFI Realtek UNDI 2.020 ----> 2.056

CPU microcode 19 ----> 28 (latest Spectre/Meltdown/MDS microcode mitigation) Thx Sonix! [Latest edit: Date: May 7, 2020]

NVMe functionality via ------> NVMe mod to run UEFI NVMe SSDs using module NvmExpressDxe_5.ffs inserted after CSMCORE for this Aptio IV UEFI/BIOS via

[Guide] How to get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS

Result: Very stable and reliable NVMe boot drive and system this "ancient" Asus Z87-Deluxe-Dual mobo with i7-4770K cpu sporting an Aptio 4 BIOS/UEFI; which should now run like a top on the latest Windows 10 Preview Build 18992

Use BIOS FLASHBACK method, check your manual at page 2-12.

CPU microcode 0306C 19 -------> 28 (Thx WinRaiders!)

NVMe_Dxe5.Ffs insert update Nov 12 2023

The "Cutting Edge" of bios modding…WOOT! :slight_smile:

Made with UEFI Tool v0.28 & UBU v1.77

NVMe mod to run UEFI NVMe SSDs using module NvmExpressDxe_4.ffs dated 04/18/2018
All the rest is pretty standard ROM/EFI updates.

Enjoy your new NVMe capable modded bios with MDS/Meltdown/Spectre microcode updates.

BTW microcode v 28 fixes Microarchitectural Data Sampling (or MDS) side-channel vulnerabilities in Intel CPUs in addition to Spectre/Meltdown vulnerabilties.

As usual make a back up of your current bios and drives!


Z87DD.rar (4.8 MB)

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Thank you. I’m a novice but through this site and the great people on here, I was successfully able to flash the BIOS, install a Windows boot drive (NVME M.2 drive plugged into PCIE slot). I had to do a fresh install of Windows, however. No biggie. Thank you again for this post and this website. NO way I could have done it without your help and excellent advice. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

@Rocket9 Delighted that worked out for you! :slight_smile:

@Rocket9 @maxbox

Latest update Feb 17, 2020 to Z87-Deluxe-Dual BIOS/UEFI v2103

Thank you very much for the modded BIOS.
I tried to flash it with "ASUS BIOS updater for New 4th Gen Intel Core Processors" an the answer has been "BIOS update fail".
I tried in UEFI BIOS Utility with "ASUS EZ FLASH 2 Utility v02.00" but I had "Security verification failed".
How can I do to flash this BIOS? With older methods?

I thank you for any hint.

@zamindar - Flash mod BIOS only with USB Flashback >> Per post #1 >> Use BIOS FLASHBACK method, check your manual at page 2-12.

@Rocket9 @maxbox @zamindar @Lost_N_BIOS

Roger that on flashback method.

Minor update to bios with updates to network EFI as noted in first post. Latest edit to May 7, 2020

The downloaded file is broken/corrupted.

@konrad1374 - update your Winrar/Winzip, file attached at post #1 is fine

True that. I had used 4.00 by accident

Asus Z87-A doesnt support(i found nothing)bios flashback only in-windows update. Any way to get it working?

@konrad1374 - This BIOS is not for Z87-A, for Z87-A see post #6 of this Z87-A thread - [OFFER] ASUS Z87-A Bios/UEFI_v2103_complete_mods
Or, you can dump BIOS region with FPT, edit, and reflash (after you unlock BIOS lock)

Hi there. Is there any chance that this supports the Asus TPM-L 20-1 R2.0 module? I believe there’s a path to getting it there as the Asus Z87 Sabertooth has the update to it, however this board has not received that update


@Rocket9 @maxbox @zamindar @konrad1374 @Beradon

NVMe_Dxe5.Ffs insert update & minor network ROM EFI updates as shown in pic in post #1

NVMe_Dxe5.Ffs insert update Nov 12 2023