[OFFER] Asus Z87 Gryphon Bios_UEFI_v2103 full mods

@gamaquintero as requested the modified bios as noted in the pictures below:

EFI/ROM after:


microcode after:


NVMe functionality via ------> NVMe mod to run UEFI NVMe SSDs using module NvmExpressDxe_4.ffs dated 04/18/2018 inserted after CSMCORE for this Aptio IV UEFI/BIOS

Enjoy your NVMe capable drive!

Backup your drives and old bios BEFORE flashing…latest edit July 17th, 2020

Updated network EFI ROM and microcode to v28

Remember : Set CSM (compatibility support module) = DISABLED otherwise the UEFI won’t “see” your WINDOWS BOOT MANAGER drive in the boot tab!

Wishing you much success…

Z87GP.rar (4.74 MB)

"bios security verification failed" when trying to use it .
Any advise ?

@Bonxi - Flash with USB Flashback,

HI ,

do you mean using asus flash mainboard toll with fiel on USB or creating bootable USB with bios file on it ?


Normally you mount the file on a USB FAT32 formatted drive and use the USB flashback port identified on page 2-12 of your manual.

as noted by eldon on another thread:

"for some reason bios flashback worked with an usb3 ntfs usb drive and not on a fat32 usb2"

BTW updated to latest network EFI/ROMs and microcode updated to v28 in post #1 of this thread.


He was just lucky with that USB that day, it’s not required or anything, and is not the norm to even be compatible
However, as you know, finding one that works is required Smaller, older = better, 128MB-2GB Best, try FAT and FAT32. If you have to use larger ones, you can try partition down to 1GB and test FAT/FAT32
You may need to try 5+ USB Sticks before you find a good one that works, look in the back of your drawers, or old boxes, for old small USB sticks


I have found a very strange issue with your bios, RAM won’t pass 1333. I tried everything, manual, XMP and so on and totally stuck at 1333.
I flashed back the original 2103 and RAM was working as planned just by ticking XMP…

So strange but I can reproduce it every time now…
Any idea ?

Thank you very much for the mod BIOS! Now, with the proximity of Win11, could you re-mod the mod to include TPM 2.0 support?

I own a Gryphon Z87 motherboard and I successfuly managed to buy and downgrade -to v1.2- a TPM module from Supermicro.
Had to do this because ASUS no longer commercialize the following:

[ URL to ASUS TPM-L-R2-0 module ]

Luckily, the AOM-9665V-C works like a charm, but the latest Gryphon’s BIOS update doesn’t support TPM 2.0 (required by Windows 11).

If you upload a new mod BIOS with this TPM 2.0 support I’ll just upgrade my TPM module to v2.0.

Can you please at least reply to me? Or tell me how can I modify your mod? Thanks in advance.



This is a user forum, not a 24 tech support service so users respond when they have spare time…

Lost has been away since January, if ur referring to him. To notify a user use, @xxxxxxxxx

TPM mod is not possible in all uefi bios, lots of requests but we know that most of them wont be possible, (older chipsets below Intel 100series even more critical)…still, its too early for final possibilities, till W11 come out officially.

@MeatWar : Sorry, didn’t read the previous Lost’s post about posting in 'Win-Raid Forum (Drivers - Firmware - Modding) > latest posts.'
And I tried to reference @hancor (my bad), who posted the modified BIOS file.

Anyway, thanks for your reply. I’m aware that TPM 2.0 extensions can be aggregated from SABERTOOTH Z87’s .CAP file into the Gryphon’s one (being both with the Z87 chipset). So I’d like to know how could I accomplish such task and what tools should I investigate.

Maybe comparing byte by byte (hex format involved?) I’ll be able to merge the changed/missing pieces from one .CAP file into the other one.

The URL for ASUS SABERTOOTH Z87 is (https asus com part missing): /us/SupportOnly/SABERTOOTH Z87/HelpDesk_BIOS/
There, you can see TPM 2.0 support was added in 2017/04/07.

U cant just do that kind or merging like u think, it doesnt work like that, this is messing with the hole UEFI structure of a bios and the hardcoded data (Not visible to u), u cant simply add a set of string/variabale only on the visual side of it.
This is the thread that can give u an insight of current attempts: Cannot enable Intel PTT (TPM 2.0) at ASUS motherboard
with some sucess on chipsets higher than urs.
Ur request and others is the same anxiety as it was a few months ago with RBAR for old chipsets… seems that was realize that couldn’t be easy done, period.
But this is only my opinion… dont get me wrong, keep ur hopes
Good luck.

EDIT: By the way… where did u saw any info to support wot ur saying “I’m aware that TPM 2.0 extensions can be aggregated from SABERTOOTH Z87’s .CAP file into the Gryphon’s one (being both with the Z87 chipset).”

Check these threads/topics (the last one created by me - https part missing):




Oh… yes i know wot is doing…never finished and never will, seems easy but as i said the hardcoded data doesnt match and always get bricked, again my opinion only.
When u find a successful case in 6/7/8/9 chipsets ill apologise to u then.

EDIT: No, i never used any terms so called extensions… dont know where u heard of it. And i never said anything like “are ‘simpler’ to merge”, dont try to get more rabbits from the hat.
Now that u already have the knowledge of 2 tools used by others… get urself to work then.

Right, I just thought that TPM 2.0 extensions/modules/whatever they called could be changed/merged from one BIOS file to another, as this guy did:


But I guess it’s not the same thing… It seems (by your post) that NVMe extensions are ‘simpler’ to merge, and that the TPM ones depend on hardcoded data.
Did I get that right?