[OFFER] Asus Z9PE-D8 WS BIOS/UEFI version 5802


ROM EFI updates: network & marvell sata

microcode stock:

microcode update:

NVMeDxe5_Ffs insert:

NVmeDxe5_Ffs detect:


Z9PED8WS.rar (3.5 MB)

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See your manual page 4-3 to 4-6 for various methods.
My guess is manual page 4-6 method using a DOS USB drive will do the trick; but you can try the other methods first. Also try using a USB 2.0 drive 32GB or less formatted FAT32.
Good luck!

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@hancor thank you again :slight_smile:

BIOS is working I’ve flashed it via CH341A.
I’ve used steps from these threads :
(check any youtube video before - remove battery first from MB and then “BIOS” chip from MB) and put it into socket on CH341A.
Don’t forget extract cap file into bin via UEFI Tool (i’ve used 0.28.0)

( used - Step 4 - Installation of Win10/11 onto the NVMe SSD)

My result :

@palik42 @Meatwar @Fernando

Splendid, that looks like the sweet smell of success!
Delighted that worked out for you… :partying_face: :dizzy: :100: :wink:

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Yes my friend, but now i think you should add the already past confirmed info that only with a Programmer, the mod can be flashed, on your offer thread, cheers.

EDIT: Hancor… im just saying it, based on all past users on this thread and this user now, i may have read it wrong but i cant recall seeing other method confirmed.
Till other user report we don’t have any other confirmation…
You’re free to add it or not my friend, regards.

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Given @palik42 has acknowledged he hadn’t tried the other methods in the manual, one can’t be 100% sure on that measure.
Moreover, there is also the possibility that the afuwinx64.exe bios.rom /GAN may also work as the motherboard is from around that particular vintage. This could be similar to the Asus Z87A method, which turned into a lengthy thread.
Perhaps we haven’t definitively exhausted all methods of flashing a modded bios in this particular case. However, we have established that CH341A programming is one validated avenue for this motherboard. :face_with_monocle: :wink:




@hancor my brother have same motherboard, so when will be some time I can try it other methods on his motherboard and I will update this thread.


@palik42 @MeatWar @Fernando

Excellent news! We look forward to your updates.

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Thank you @palik42 , we’ll appreciate if any other methods can be confirmed, for future user guidance.

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