[Offer] Compl. Upd. ASUS P8B75-M LE BIOS v1402 +NVMe Support

@KAKORDAZ as requested, @MeatWar

ROM EFI modules stock

ROM EFI modules update

microcode stock

microcode update

NVMe insert

NVMe detect

BIOS/UEFI below, just decompress, load onto USB 2.0 FAT32 formatted drive.

On the TOOL tab in your BIOS, flash the updated BIOS on your USB drive, using the EZ Flash2 method found on page 2-29

Reboot and load optimize default setup.


Then go to the BOOT tab and find the entries below

PCI ROM priority : set to [EFI Compatible ROM]

Power down your computer, turn power supply off using switch. Let capacitors drain 60 sec.

Install your PCIe M.2 SSD adapter card with M.2 SSD mounted in the correct slot.

Power on.

Reboot & enter BIOS again.

Now install Windows OS to the BOOT MANAGER which should show up in the BOOT tab.

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P8B75LE.rar (3.1 MB)

Alternative flash methods, due to security issues on modifications to Asus bios images

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Thank you for your support, I will follow your instructions, and I will inform you of the result. Thank you very much

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Hello, the modified BIOS says security check failed, help

Your BIOS/UEFI file is among the *.CAP type files so you will need to try one of a number of work arounds to flash the BIOS. See the link in the amended post #1 re: Alternative flash methods particular to your ASUS board.

There are 4 methods to find which one works for your board.
There is no flashback feature on your board, but one of the other 3 will likely work to get around the security feature; as this is well known to win-raiders :wink:



Sorry, Iā€™m new to this, where do I find the link?

Link directly below the file download in post #1

afuwinx64.exe .CAP
Here should I put the name of the original BIOS?

In your case at the command prompt type

afuwinx64.exe P8B75LE.CAP

and then hit ENTER