[OFFER] Gigabyte GA-H77-DS3H rev 1.1 F10 NVMe mod


It’s based on official BIOS, version F10, downloaded from Gigabyte’s site. I added NvmExpressDxe_Small.ffs as compressed module via MMTool, nothing more.

Tested with my Toshiba RC500 in both PCI-E X16 slots, needed to set boot option “UEFI only”. Works very fast.

Flashed via CH341a USB programmer.

H77DS3H_.zip (3.64 MB)

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do i need to rename it from your original file name H77DS3H_.rom to H77DS3H.F10 before flash the board?

Edited…go through the 1st page…it did mentioned to rename back to the original bios name which should be H77DS3H.F10

Advisable, not always needed, but yes its better depending of the flash method.
Q-Flash is the best method.
CH341, rename it to BIN.

  1. what I’ve did just now was verified the modded file with the original from Gigabyte website and can see both having similar content and NvmExpressDxe_Small can be found inside the modded file using MMTool & UEFITool.
    2. Rename it to H77DS3H.F10 and transfer into FAT32 USB2.0 flash drive.
    3. I have successfully flashed my motherboard with the modded Bios.
    4. Then wanted to verify if the module is there, I don’t see the option of PATA within the boot section, is it because I do not have any NVME PCI card installed or any NVME drive?

    Just wanted to make sure I successfully flashed this BIOS and then only will order my NVME drive.

Yes and No, besides several affirmations or related successful cases, its not true that all bios after the insertion of this module will show a PATA device.
Wot matters is the correct settings needed in bios and the correct media OS installation, the destination drive will apear on OS setup.
And this, as u may already know its described by Fernando on the topic:
[HowTo] Get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS

If u want another type of confirmation, u can make a dump of ur current bios (Already MOD flashed) and check it again with MMTool or UEFITool.
Even now without any NVMe drive installed.

Indeed yes, everything I did was followed as described by Fernando.

I used universal bios backup toolkit 2.0 and backup my current running bios, the NvmExpressDxe_Small listed as the modded file!.

can’t wait to test out the drive!

I just flash my board with this, and booting from an existing Windows-10 installation on an nvme via a pcie extension card worked like a charm. Thank you so much for this!!!