[OFFER] Intel CPU Microcode Archives

@Sparky_s_Adventure Hi, sorry for the delayed reply. This info is correct.

On your second post, you have 0x74 fo 906EA listed as pre-mitigation. Is this correct?

No, 0x74 has partial spectre mitigation.

It seems I did not update the second post with the earlier 0x70 microcode for 906EA which I received quite some time after that post was originally written (on the old forums) - although I did put it in the archive.

Thank you for pointing out this error which I have now fixed.

I also saw info saying that 7_ were all pre-mitigation, and 8_ were partial mitigation. I see 0x7C exists for all 3, were these all confirmed to have partial mitigation?

The following 0x7x microcodes for Kabylake, Whiskey Lake and Coffee Lake have partial mitigation:


The 0x80 microcode dated 4th Jan 2018 (only released for 806EA, 806E9, 906E9, 906EB) has full spectre mitigation but Intel pulled it due a potential resume from sleep (S2 STR) bug.

I hope this clarifies everything.

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Thank you for all the information here!

I’m pretty sure the zip file for microcodes-pre-spectre needs to be updated.

Also, 906EA 0x72 is not in either archive, do you have it?

@Sparky_s_Adventure It seems I can’t see for looking.

I have replaced 0x74 with 0x70 (note: there is no 0x72 for 906EA) - try downloading again and hopefully it should be correct now, my apologies.

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Thank you very much!

I assume no microcode earlier than 0x84 for 906EC or 0xAA for 906ED have been seen either?

@Sparky_s_Adventure The first 8 core Coffee Lake CPU (906EC revision P0) was released in October 2018, which is after Intel released a microcode with full Spectre mitigation, so there are no earlier microcodes for that CPUID.

Intel eventually patched Spectre (v2) in-silicon when it released the R0 revision CPU’s (906ED) around January 2019 and as such you can only disable Spectre mitigation in the Operating System as shown in this image from Tom’s Hardware.

[Edit] Added (thanks lfb6 & westlake):

Tiger Lake-H

Raptor Lake-HX/S