[OFFER] Link to a 64bit Intel iGPU driver for 8th Gen CPUs, which works with Win7 x64

Biostar has a working iGPU driver for 8th gen cpus running windows 7 64bit, win7_8th_i3_i5_Driver_2.0.rar, its an older driver from 2017, you get Intel Control Panel, you have to use “have disk” then browse to the inf, you get a warning it isnt digitally signed but it works. :slight_smile:

Edit - It works on laptops too according to this topic

Edit - My source tells me there is a registry file in the pack you have to import 1st, 安装前先导入注册表.reg - In English that says “Import to registry before installation”. >Link<

@moop :
Thanks for your contribution.
Since it has nothing to do with te topic AHCI/RAID drivers, but may be interesting for Win7 x64 users, I have moved it into this specific Sub-Forum and started a new thread.

I havnt tried it on my 8th gen Pentium UHD 610 but it should work on any 8th and 9th gen UHD 610 and 630 iGPU on a H310C(R2.0) motherboard.

@Fernando That driver package "may" have a windows 8.1 driver in there, handy if it has and it works, will test in the next week or so.

@Fernando That Biostar driver package contains "Intel(R) Display Audio Driver: (Windows* 8.1/10)", known working on UHD630(i3 8300). Installing from Device Manager fails but installs using Setup.exe.

It’s the same driver as here: https://forum.videohelp.com/threads/3906…-%28no-crash%29

It is different from canonkong’s driver because it works on other platforms. My i7-8550u kaby lake refresh has uhd 620 dev_5917 which ONLY works with this driver (you must also hex edit the 2 dll files), I get crash while playing mp4 video files with canonkong’s driver even when hexediting.

So basically the biostar driver is the original hd series driver from 7th generation cpu with modded inf to support 8th gen. This works ok for some 8th gen models, but some (mainly cpu with uhd 630 with 23 execution units) only work with canonkong’s modded driver (which also has dll patching, not only inf).

Biostar driver is version 4389, you can also find 4860 version which is more stable, I am using it for a couple of weeks and I never got BSOD like with 4389.

@bloodhand Driver modding is way beyond me and i can go back to 8.1 now i have that igpu driver, just gotta test that on UHD610(G5420), will report. Just wanted to share my findings :slight_smile:

Hello everybody

First, thank you a lot for providing a driver for gen8/9 GPU for Windows 7.

I have one issue with these drivers though: I wasn’t able to activate (HD) audio bitstream over HDMI to my receiver. I’m using Kodi for that, and it works perfectly with “old” CPUs like 4790K or 3570K.
Is it possible that audio bitstream functionality is missing in this “unofficial” driver? I’m using Asrock Z370 ITX motherboard by the way.

Has anyone any experience with that?