[OFFER] Medion H81H3-EM2 3.09 NVMe Support Mod


- inserted UEFI module (“NvmExpressDxe_4”) to support boot from NVMe SSD devices


- add new UEFI capsule module to fix Intel UEFI security issue


- system date and Time will always be set to 2014/08/18, 00:00:00 after flash
- LAN controller not working if you enable the Intel onboard VGA with additional discrete VGA card (Dual GPU mode)

Usage: Either execute FLASH.BAT in DOS or WFLASH64.BAT in Windows (x64) in order to update the Motherboard’s BIOS

H81EM2W08.309.rar (4.23 MB)

Hi @TeleTubby666 ,

I bricked my motherboard with this bios :frowning:
Can go into bios but nothing after that, no usb boot, no sata boot, no nvme boot, just nothing. (tried with ME on and off)
In UEFI mode it hangs on Medion logo and on legacy mode it hangs on blinking cursor.
Any idea?

Provide original bios file from Medion or use @user to notifiy Teletubby666