[OFFER] Modded Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H BIOS F16K

I would like to upload modded bios for z77x-ud5h rev (1.0 | 1.1)

guys, the attached modded bios is the latest and greatest, at this moment 2021.10.02.

1. Has it’s own nvme module, so does not require adding anything with mmtool.
2. All other modules are updated (with ubu tool).
3. Inside archive is excel xlsx file with details.

z77x-ud5h has two bios chips, for safety, so you can test this one.
If it works good for you, please, say it here so others can see.

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z77x-ud5h f16k original.rar (3.88 MB)

z77x-ud5h f16k mod 2021.04.01.rar (4.24 MB)

I just registered here to say Thank you
İ downloaded original Bios
saved it to a usb
then renamed your modded bios and over write it on bios file
installed it with q-flash
worked like a charm
Installed windows to NVME as boot.
No problems so far

Again… Thanks …

thank you for reply. I am glad that it works.

i actually never flashed a bios with q-flash.
i have always did it with @bios from windows.

Hi, I have been sent even newer BIOS from Gigabyte, version F16l, which supports NVMe drives… however, I can not boot from it.
I have therefore added "NvmExpressDxe_Small.ffs" module using MMTool.
I follwed all instruction and the modification of the BIOS went all OK.
I can now see "PATA SS" in boot devices, which is a sign that everything has been modded correctly and modded BIOS flashed properly.
However, despite having done everything as per instrucyion, I still cant boot from NVMe SSD disk.

Can you pls provide a bit more details on what setting I need to set/change in BIOS to make NVMe disk bootable?
note: I have SandyBridge i7-2700K.

Please share in your post attached and compressed, that F16L bios or a link.

EDIT: By the way… witch motherboard did Gigabyte send the file, the GA-Z77X-UD5H or the GA-Z77X-UD5H-WB ???