[OFFER] MSI B150A Gaming Pro Xeon Bios Mod

Mod Bios Purpose:

Xeon-compatible BIOS for the MSI B150A Gaming Pro.

Based On:

Official 1G0 release.

Mod Method:

Intel Management Engine (ME) has been disabled through Intel FIT.

Included Microcodes:

1. 506e0 (Skylake A0 ES) - see warning below
2. 506e1 (Skylake Q0 ES) - see warning below
3. 506e3 (Skylake Retail)
4. 506e8 (Kaby Lake A0 ES)
5. 506e9 (Kaby Lake Retail)

Tested Processors:

1. Celeron G3900 (Skylake Retail)
2. Celeron G3930 (Kaby Lake Retail)
3. Intel QL32 Xeon Engineering Sample (Kaby Lake A0 ES)

Warning: Due to having Kaby Lake compatibility, this BIOS will NOT support Skylake Engineering Samples (QH8G, QHQG, QHJE, etc).


CPU-Z Validator: https://valid.x86.fr/uut7bv

Flash Method 1 (Tested):

1. Copy the file to a USB.
2. Use a compatible CPU to boot to BIOS.
3. Enter M-Flash.
4. Select the BIOS file.

Flash Method 2 (Untested but should work):

1. Download the file to a Linux computer with Flashrom.
2. Connect an SPI flasher to the computer (CH341A is recommended).
3. Connect a SOIC-8 test clip to the SPI flasher, and place the clip onto the BIOS chip.
4. Open a terminal and execute the following command to dump the existing BIOS as a backup (replace ‘ch341a_spi’ if you have a different flasher):

sudo flashrom --programmer ch341a_spi -r backup.bin

5. Once that is finished, execute the following command to write the new BIOS:
sudo flashrom --programmer ch341a_spi -w E7978IMS.1G0

Confused? More info about SPI flashing here: [GUIDE] The Beginners Guide to Using a CH341A SPI Programmer/Flasher (With Pictures!)

Known Issues:

1. A warning about abnormal ME will be displayed on boot. This does not have any impact on the board.
2. The MSI Gaming App that controls the board's RGB functions will no longer work.

Download Link:


If you have any questions or issues, feel free to reply to this!