[Offer] MSI B85M-G43 NVME + Everything but MCode Bios Mod

Hello, i offer MSi B85M G43 Modded Bios, i left RSTe and Mcode not updated, so here are the lists:

Latest HSW-BDW Orom
Latest HSW-BDW EFI Gop
Latest Orom for Both Intel and Realtek
Latest working Efi Driver for Realtek (2.059 have some problems, but if you want to test it i could try replace it)

Do not flash pad removed bios, i used msi z68 ones and it wont boot, just any pad files removed = brick, unless you do have programmer.

You could try this, no pad files removed:
E7823IMS_MOD.rar (8.1 MB)

I usually against M-Flash to flash it, cause some older implementations of M-Flash made corrupt modded bios (even if any pad file were not destroyed), and prefer to use intel fpt to flash either dos or windows. since intel fpt flash the file as what it is, but you could try to flash it using m-flash if you want.

For intel FPT (included in the folder), command is fptw or fptdos -f biosname.391 and after it flash successfully do fptw or fptdos -greset and enter. fptw is for use on windows, fptdos is for use on dos.

As always, DWYOR.

Thanks, will try it out. I tried doing it with Clover but it simply wont boot me into windows installer and before doing any fixes it showed me a mapping error. Anyways thanks ya again

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Problem is, the ami mmtool doesnt recognize my bios file, thats why im doing it with the UEFI tool.

The recommended AMI UEFI MMTool variants will recognize and open all “pure” AMI UEFI BIOSes files. Maybe you have to choose the “All files (star.star)” option within the “Data Type” drop-down menu.

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I flashed the BIOS with the modded bios that koekiezz gave me, installed windows and everything works. thanks

all doin good? did you use mflash? if so did you use bios or bios + me option? Since last time i use mflash wether bios only or bios + me option, from H61 to Z77 msi boards i ever had the chance, it would always corrupt the bios flashing (bios file is very fine, nothing destroyed, but when i dump the bios file using ch341a its messed up somehow).

otherwise, congrats, hope it would last long ^^

I used the intel FPT thing you gave me. However I flashed an update with MFlash to the bios yesterday and used bios + me. It worked fine besides giving me a heart attack when it turned off and on the computer when it reached 50%.

Thanks again!

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so you did bios + me before using my modded bios? well using intelfpt with the command i told above would write all region available to the bios chip (since is -f only, not -f -bios or -f -desc). You could check CPU-Z on mainboard tab if it’s changed, also use this tool to see which version is your ME since i did gave the latest ME for B85 chip on the bios i sent:
CSME-Detection-Tool-Legacy-GUI.zip (528.3 KB)

ya i used bios + me before using the modded bios

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Sorry about that, i think on Bios Offer as for B85M G43 Nvme should be appropriate :>

Thanks for your reply.
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