[OFFER] MSI GP60 & GE60 Notebook bios version E16GHIMS.10I modded

MSI GP60 Notebook bios version file E16GHIMS.10I modded
Before flashing compare the file name above with the file name on the MSI website for your GP60 or GE60 notebook. Tested on GP60 2PE with Nvidia 840M & GE60 2PL which has a Nvidia GTX 850M.

-Advanced Bios Options unlocked (Advanced, Power tabs and additional options in the existing tabs)
-Nvidia 840M VBios replaced with adapted 940MX VBios, unlocked Boost Table and some OC (1306,5MHz GPU/1070MHz Memory) with the help of mclarke2355
-Nvidia 740M VBios untouched
-Haswell microcode for CPUID 306C3 to version 28 and CPUID 40661 to 1C
-Intel GOP Driver updated to 5.5.1034
-Intel VGA Bios updated to 1044
-Intel RST OROMs updated to
-Intel Lan OROMs updated to 1.5.62/6.6.04

Possibility to enable ACPI 5.0 CPPC Support and to unlock in BIOS menu several locks

Update 24.03.2017: Added SDD NVMe support to boot a m.2 SDD via m.2 to mSATA converter
Update 16.06.2018: Updated Intel VGA bios to 1044
Update 13.02.2020: Updated Haswell microcode for CPUID 306C3 to version 28 and CPUID 40661 to 1C

-Andy P whose PhoenixTool was used to replace the 840M VBios
-SoniX for his UEFI BIOS Updater (UBU), Intel VGA Bios update guide and the OROM, Microcode and Intel VGA Bios database he maintains
-Pacman for sharing the latest Intel RST OROMs
-The author of the Maxwell II BIOS Tweaker which was used for editing the Nvidia VBios
-All the other people who shared the used OROMs/Microcodes/Firmwares/Useful Information etc.

E16GHNVM 13022020.rar (3.16 MB)

Does the vbios have power target unlocked? What are the flashing procedures for the vbios and bios? I just extracted my own vbios and found you.
Edit: I also found the vga bios in your bios is the same as my stock bios. Is there a dormant 740m bios in here that MSI just didn’t bother to take out?

No power target was unlocked, you can set it youself in the bios when it is flashed due to all settings are unlocked. Intel and nVidia vga bios for CSM usage are not stock and were updated. The GP60 is as well with Haswell Quadcore and Nvidia 740m available so the bios covers both. The bios name should be the same as from the MSI website so please compare before using due to as well GP60s with illuminated keyboards are available and need different bios.

What are the flashing procedures?

Boot into DOS and write on the command prompt: AFUDOS E16GNVM.10I

Original Bios name of the unmodded file was: E16GHIMS.10I

Works great, except for two things: 1. the vbios needs a power limit uplift as it runs into the power limit very easily and cannot take even a 50+ mem oc without hitting the powerlimit. 2. microcode 24 seems to be unstable and was rolled back. Request a powerlimit increase and a microcode rollback. Do you use this bios or just like to mod them?

Please find the bios with microcode 27 above. The mem OC will not work without graphical glitches due to the memory chips are not cooled with a heatsink. It is a bios in one of my computers.

Thank you for sharing this bios and update!

Could you share a recommended configuration?

Right now I have it by default and I have only changed the boot uefi and activated acpi 5. I do not know if you should also deactivate the raid options?

Thank you.

What options do you want to set? Why to disable RAID and not leave it as it is? Don’t have a recommended configuration.

@Maison1 - This is awesome! Needed the exposed thermal settings.

I do have a feature request, if this is still being developed. On more recent MSI laptops, there’s an additional option to swap the functions of the Fn and Windows keys on the keyboard to support a more traditional layout. Would this technically be possible? I assume it depends on the specific model of keyboard.

Possible or not, this is already a great upgrade over the official BIOS. Thanks for providing it!

Hello! First of all thank you for your amazing work and dedication.

Would it be possible for you to do the same mods on another version of the GE60 (more especifically, GE60 20E with bios: E16GCIMS.520). The BIOS settings are so limited that I can’t even disable Hyper Threading.

Thanks in advance!

Yes it is. Could update the RAID uefi and RAID orom when time is to version 15.9.3/15.9.1. But this is minor due to RAID not used.

Swpping FN and Windows key needs some code change in the BIOS setup module. The BIOS and an BIOS with this code would need to be disasembled and the the code of the BIOS having it integrated into the BIOS having it not. This takes some time and I have no experience with it. Perhaps start to do it you yourself when its important for you. You will learn something. It is standardized UEFI code. Start finding in the newer bios with UEFI tool the module and dissamble it. It is possible regardless of the keyboard to implement.

Good afternoon!
I installed your version of the bios, but I can’t find the correct information on how to disable the integrated video chip now
I want to install an external egpu video card, can you help me?)

thank you for this great BIOS Update.
Seems, that SCM don´t work with your version. I tried MSI SCM x86 15.016.01221 and MSI SCM x64 13.016.07276 without sucess.
Is there any solution to get it run with your BIOS update?

Thank´s for your reply!