[OFFER] MSI MEG Z390 ACE multi-mod BIOS

MEG Z390 ACE (MS-7B12) (MOD) BIOS Release
Continue to update the version from MSI Z390 MEG ACE BIOS REQUEST - Win-Raid Forum @Lost_N_BIOS
:heavy_check_mark: Tested on 9900KS
:heavy_check_mark: M-Flash compatible
- More details please check the attachment’ Changelog

1. Added Chipset Menu Mod
• Location: [Settings]


【EX】How-to trigger the never visible [Setup] menu?
• Go [Settings] -> ESC after entered any UNLOCKED menu (e.g. Chipset)


Note: due to restriction, you cannot unlock [Setup] menu by yourself

2. Unlocked Common Settings
The settings are stored in <Chipset><PCH-IO Configuration>
HPET (default as Enable)
IOAPIC 24-119 Entries (default as Enable)


Note: You can unlock other settings by AMIBCP

3. Microcode adjustment
- Special thanks @chinobino to provide and collect Microcode: [OFFER] Intel CPU Microcode Archives
- Refer to @dsanke modded BIOS as recommendation 906EA(0x96), 906EB(0x5E), 906EC(0x98), 906ED(0xBE)

- The earliest compatible BIOS that supports 906ED (R0 stepping) microcode is AA, you can try it on your own
- BE has already partial spectre mitigation, but less voltage require to reach the U frequency than other post-spectre Microcode, you can also see the difference between various of Microcode from Toppc’ post who is the famous Taiwan RAM overclocker (https://www.chiphell.com/thread-2235478-1-1.html)
- The microcode attached below also supported TSX instructions
- Windows 10 KB update will also update Microcode automatically, you can solve by various methods (mcupdate_GenuineIntel.dll)

3.1 Benchmark on different uCode

- Tested on 9900KS
- Test 5 times each with R15 (take the best result)
- Use default BIOS settings




- Same voltage while benchmarking but different score (other CPU may different)
- Someone claim that EC shows improvement on 8700K (try it on your own)

4. BIOS Mod (Updated on 05 FEB 2022)
- Please PM me if the link is broken
- Please refer to the above Section 3.1 to notice the different uCode performance

V1.B1 7B12v1B1 (MOD 1 OCT 2021) (OFFICIAL 17 FEB 2021)

MEG Z390 ACE (MS-7B12) V1.B1 BIOS Release

1. This is AMI BIOS release

2. This BIOS fixes the following problem of the previous version:
- Support Resizable BAR (Re-Size BAR) function to enhance GPU performance including the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3000 series and others.

3. 2021/02/17

[96/5E/98/BE] (recommend)
- https://www.mediafire.com/file/nrnne80id…Mod+v1.zip/file

[Updated uCode version (906ED only)]
- [AA] https://www.mediafire.com/file/j15j4ss3r…A%2529.zip/file
- [EC] https://www.mediafire.com/file/i41l8des6…C%2529.zip/file

V1.B2 7B12v1B2 (MOD 6 FEB 2022) (OFFICIAL 17 NOV 2021)

MEG Z390 ACE (MS-7B12) V1.B2 BIOS Release

1. This is AMI BIOS release

2. This BIOS fixes the following problem of the previous version:
- Windows 11 Supported.

3. 2021/11/17


- I heard that IOAPIC 24-119 Entries is not necessary after El Capitan if you are going to Hackintosh.
Therefore, I haven’t unlocked this setting in this version

uCode: 906EA(EA), 906EB(EA), 906EC(EA), 906ED(EA) (Original)
Unlock: Chipset Menu
- https://www.mediafire.com/file/j6jgmm4it…B2_Mod.zip/file

uCode: 906EA(EA), 906EB(EA), 906EC(EA), 906ED(EA) (Original)
Unlock: Chipset Menu, HPET

uCode: 906EA(96), 906EB(5E), 906EC(98), 906ED(BE) (dsanke SET)
Unlock: Chipset Menu, HPET

uCode: 906EA(EA), 906EB(EA), 906EC(EA), 906ED(AA) (changed 906ED to earliest AA only)
Unlock: Chipset Menu, HPET

Edit by Fernando: Thread title shortened

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is there version v2?

Sorry for the late reply,
there is no update at this moment, the v2 version is reserved for future.


Why do you guys use ufile and not mediafire. Ufile always archives these files and then no one can download them mediafire seems to work for years…
Did u include rst module can u still do that and what about mei module… I dont think ur using the latest one… Still the system is faster with ur bios but no one else can download it now because ufile already archived ur bios you guys use some very bad file sharing sites on this forum other older motherboards they are using ufile as well. Im studying this all myself anyway so I can do this all myself looks fairly simple to do but takes a lot of research to learn it all but the guides exist now which they didnt years ago when I tried to look into bios editing so thats nice. Mei driver and module does provide some nvme performance boost fernando has posted benches in his guides so there is a reason to look into it.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience, I have updated the link using Mediafire. Pls check it.

sorry update mod bios for new bios up to thanks>>>>>>>>>>>>> https://download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7B12v1B2.zip

Update and integrate [Chipset menu] into the 7B12v1x version. Please check it.
Sorry for the late update.

sorry not voice Hpet to chipset menù

Updated the unlocked HPET option and various uCode for everyone to choose.

(I just tested the dsanke SET, please feel free to contact me if you faced any problem)

Nice work @ritizen , very interesting to see the Cinebench R15 scores with those 3 microcodes.

which of the two bios mods do you recommend to install? and what are the differences?

@ritizen thanks for this!

@forzic17 all the BIOSes here are for NON production/daily since they are oriented at overclocking (missing security updates of the microcode)
For overclocking … you find by yourself :wink: install benchmark, instal a new one and benchmark again. Compare results :wink:

If you are talking about the v1.B1 and v1.B2, v1.B2 mainly focus on Win11 that required the TPM related function. (= more compatible)

If you are talking to my various of version, based on your daily, you may also refer to @Furna ‘comment.
(I am using Dsanke set currently)

Great thanks just published the BIOS mod b2 download complete menu