[OFFER] MSI Z87 G45 Gaming (MS-7821) BIOS_v1.9

As requested by "outlawist"

EFI GOP Driver Haswell 5.0.1036 ----> 5.5.1034

CPU 306C3 microcode 19 ----> 28 (latest Spectre/Meltdown microcode) Thx Sonix! Latest edit: Sept 08, 2020

OROMS Intel Boot Agent GE 1.4.10 ----> 1.5.62
EFI Lx Killer Undi Network ---->
OROM QCM-Atheros PXE ---->

UBU detect showing NVMe mod


UBU ROM|/EFI mods:


UBU microcode update:

NVMe functionality via ------> NVMe mod to run UEFI NVMe SSDs using module NvmExpressDxe_4.ffs dated 04/18/2018 inserted after CSMCORE for this Aptio IV UEFI/BIOS

Enjoy your NVMe capable drive!

Backup your drives and old bios BEFORE flashing…

File updated to NVMeDxe5.Ffs version as of Nov 03, 2023

E7821IMS.rar (5.9 MB)

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Thanks bro. Cheers

BTW microcode v 28 fixes Microarchitectural Data Sampling (or MDS) side-channel vulnerabilities in Intel CPUs in addition to Spectre/Meltdown vulnerabilties.

Edited Bios/UEFI uploaded May 15, 2019

Thank you working like a charm

Delighted to hear it!

Hello, this BIOS works on z87-g45 gaming, I have a problem with nvme ssd connection, will this fix my situation ?

The above bios should find your NVMe SSD drive as other users have noted…


After the update of the bios modified by Hancor downladed on this thread I followed all the instructions with success here : [Guide] How to get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS
And thank you again Hancor for the modified bios

many thanks for your works, BIOS works and it pleases, my ssd successfully sees windows

Hi, I have failures when connecting 1 Gbps, I am connected by LAN and sometimes the Internet just breaks off and then reconnects, is it possible to fix it somehow ?
with the original BIOS I have the same thing, which way to look for the problem ?

Have you tried replacing your RJ-45 LAN cable, as that may be the problem?

Intel’s LAN software has a built in testing function with the driver to identify bad hardware, bad cable, or reset your ip address.

Try that and see if it helps…

Should updating the bios change the bios version and date or does it stay the same as it was before? My motherboard says the bios is still the official 1.9 version and I don’t know if something failed or if it updated properly. If the version doesn’t change is there a way to check if the bios updated?

Thank you, BIOS working, motherboard wound up after the update

does this FW work with z97-g45?

thank you

One model corresponds to one BIOS, but you could use UBU to update your BIOS.

the latest info i found: this model doesnt have/support UBU tool and bios from driver station 02/03/16 7821IMS 2.93 beta

I see now with UBU tool for CPU 306C3 microcode 27 was the latest before but today with UBU v1.76.2.5 it shows a updated microcode 28 now.Does anyone know if microcode 28 is better than the 27 one.

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Updated BIOS on the first post, for your pleasure. Feb 17, 2020

Updated my Asus Z87-Deluxe, runs like a top overclocked stable @ 4.7 Ghz all cores.


Can I easily update this BIOS with a USB stick using M-Flash?

Others have, so you should have no problem.

Make back ups of your data, drives BEFORE flashing!

Date of BIOS/UEFI will remain the same but the EFI/ROM and cpu microcodes will be updated.