[OFFER] MSI Z87M-G43 Bios 290 (latest)

all yours.



I can confirm that I installed this BIOS update into my MSI Z87M-G43 motherboard, and it now boots happily from a NVMe SSD installed on a PCIe card. I have a graphics card in the PCIe gen 3 slot so the SSD only runs at PCIe gen2 speeds, but with CrystalDiskMark scores above 1600 its still a big improvement over SATA. Many thanks to beaucasque for the upload.

Thank you beaucasque.
Following you messages I have installed the mod Bios and I have bought a Crucial P1 Nvme M.2 I have installed it with an adapter on my MSI Z87M-G43 in the gen 3 PCIe slot, but I can’t see it from the Bios, so I can’t boot.

I have renamed the bios without the “-MOD”, and I have flashed it from M-flash menu of the bios, then I have chosen “Select one file to update BIOS and ME”, select the file from the usb and update it.
Have I done some mistakes?
How I can check if I have uploaded the mod Bios?
Thank you

I’m not sure. it might show as a hdd not a peripheric… so look at your hdds list.

maybe ask gawby… it seems like it worked for him.

The original name is : E7823IMS.290

@beaucasque - which NVME Module did you put in? I didn’t check, but if it’s not the latest v4 (NvmExpressDxe_4.ffs), then it may not work with all new drives.
And yes, mod BIOS should be renamed to stock name and extension for flashing MSI Mod BIOS

@haw3000 - be sure you follow all steps exactly here in the “This is what you should do” section at step #4 - [Guide] How to get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS

Also disable fast boot and intel Sata Raid.

Often. the disk shows up only after installing an UEFI OS… so intsall Windows on it and go see your bios after.


actually installed NvmExpressDxE_2.ffs. so might be it. Can you send me a link to the newest so I redo it?

here’s the modded bios with "NvmExpressDxe_4.ffs"


---- remove the “.dxe4” from the name. it should end with ".290"

Make sure, that the “Secure Boot” and “Fast Boot” options are disabled. The “Compatibility Support Module” (CSM) can either be set to “Disabled” as well (better option, but requires full UEFI compatibility of the graphics adapter) or to “Enabled” with the ability/preference to load EFI BIOS modules for the Storage Disk Drives. If you see BIOS options for the “OS type”, choose “other OS”. This will disable the Secure Boot setting.
Side note: Some users reported, they they had to disable the ASMedia SATA Controller within the “Storage Configuration” section to be able to boot off the NVMe SSD.

…beaucasque… THANK YOU.

I’ll report you better in the next days, but something is happend.

Yes. please report my friend!

After all the trials, I’m not so sure what I have done! :blush:
In any way: I have updated the bios with your modified one.
In the boot has appeared “windows boot manager”

Starting, when I do the boot the “m2” drive doesn’t appear
In the first page of the screen

In the bios in the Boot Option appear “Windows Boot Manager”

That I have choosen as Boot Option #1

And that appear, eventually, also if I press F11 while I’m booting

Then, after a while (5/10 seconds), appear the Boot Manager of windows 10, and I can choose to start from the new M2 hard drive.

You have given a new life to my old motherboard, beaucasque . Thank you very much

Hi. This is exactly what I was looking for. Does anyone still have a copy of this ZIP file, or even an updated version, such as the DXE4 one:

Both links in this thread are broken, unfortunately. I could not find a cache of it anywhere else.

Any pointers would be great (which would help me instill some new life into my motherboard).

Thanks in advance!