[Offer]Working InsydeH2O BIOS Rev. 3.5 BIOS 1.10 mod for Acer Aspire One D270 and others


A working BIOS Mod for the InsydeH2O Bios Rev. 3.5, mainly used on Acer Netbooks and Laptops. In my own case, this is done for an Acer Aspire One D270 N2800 ZE7 with Atom Dual Core CPU 2 x 1.86GHz and 4GB RAM.

This BIOS Flash may be done using the Recovery Mode.

Format a USB Stick in Dos Fat32 (not bootable).

Firstly download the BIOS Mod from https://www.sendspace.com/file/7kp476 and save the extracted Files to the Root of the USB Flash Drive. On the USB Flash Drive rename the file ZE7IA32_110.fd to ZE7.fd
Note: In the file platform.ini, the security check for the attached Battery is disabled. If the user like, in that same file platform.ini the backup of the old BIOS could be enabled. With extreme caution, the user could adjust the flashing procedure in platform.ini to his personal need.

Recovery Procedure :

1. Shutdown/Switch Off the netbook (notebook)
2. Remove all attached devices
3. Remove the battery and Remove DC power cord
4. Press and hold the power button for 10+ seconds (battery and DC power still out), then release
5. Put the USB Memory Stick into the USB port
6. Hold “Fn” + “Esc” and plug the DC power cord in
7. Now press the power button while still holding “Fn” + "Esc"
8. Wait about 10-20second then release “Fn” + “Esc” keys
9. The netbook will run for about 2+(?) minutes and the USB drive activity LED will blink
10. As a finish, the netbook will shut down fully
11. Connect the Battery back and start the netbook.

The BIOS should be updated with the modified BIOS, use F2 while starting the Netbook to enter the BIOS Setup and adjust to your needed settings.

Advanced Setup BIOS Options hidden, for Notebook Acer Aspire 4739-6886.

You could help me? I need to unlock a Bios InsydeH20 rev. 3.5 Acer bios version 1.08. The Advanced Setup menu is hidden. I need to adjust dedicated memory vídeo that is hidden. Would it be possible to reverse this condition in this Bios InsydeH20 rev. 3.5, and make it accessible for ajusts of this internal parameters through this project made available by you? Please consider the costs inherent in this process of solution. My contact e-mail will be sent after your reply confirmation. Grateful for the attention and help.

Notebook = Acer Aspire 4739-6886
Windows 8.1 Pro / 8GB - Ram / Processor Intel i5 - 580M