offset is out of range when it should not be

Hello, i’m trying to modify the BIOS of my clevo nh55dpq laptop to show the RAM overclock tabs. I’ve already re-enabled undervolt without any problems but this is becoming slightly harder.

So, in the IFR file I have this:

This are the items i think that, if set to Enable, would show the RAM overclock options.
VarStore 0x01 has the name of “Setup”, so i’ve tried the usual commands in this setup var tool

setup_var 0x944 / setup_var2 0x944 / setup_var_3 0x944 / setup_var_vs 0x944 / setup_var_cv Setup 0x944

but all of them fail to show the current value (which should be 0x00) and just drop a “offset is out of range” error. This does not make sense to me, as acccording to the IFR file the VarStore 0x01 is 0x13C6 bytes in size, and i’m trying to access byte 0x944

Any idea on what the problem might be?