One USB port stopped functioning abruptly on my Acer Predator Helios 300 laptop while it was switched ON

Acer Laptop Model Number: PH315-52-76WX
Acer Laptop Part Number: NH.Q53SI.018

Out of the three USB-A type ports, one of the USB3.0 ports on my “Acer Predator Helios 300” laptop abruptly went defunct even though nothing was connected to this USB port. The system now is continuously showing an OVERCURRENT status on this port. When the laptop is turned ON, it perfectly gets a 5v supply on this defunct port, the only problem is no USB device gets recognized by the system.

I checked:

1.) The ESD diodes and choke filter are fine on this USB board and there is no shorting within the data lines or with the power rails.

2.) The USB data lines show a good connection with the PCH (cross-checked impedance to the ground with a working good USB port on the same laptop)

3.) Per the schematic, I also checked all resistor pull-ups and capacitors on the “overcurrent signal pins” on the HM370 PCH and they were perfectly fine with proper 3.3v on those PCH OVERCURRENT SIGNAL pins.

4.) Also, there was no updation of drivers noting so when this happened, and all other USB ports are otherwise working fine with full bandwidth.

Still not able to understand what is triggering the overcurrent on this port. Any suggestion please :pray::sweat: