Online BIOS Editing, Modding, Unlocking, Patching Tool Collection link

Win-Raid Forum is very help full. I got lots of knowledge from here so, i want provide to all free online tool

  1. Master Password Generator Modified Version: Alien Server | BIOS Master Password Generator | Modified By Hackeraj

  2. 8FC8 Unlocking Patching: 8FC8 Unlocking | Alien Server

  3. Onboard RAM Disable: Onboard RAM Disable | Alien Server

  4. Chromebook Unlocker: Chromebook Unlocker | Alien Server

  5. AMITSESetup Decryptor & Unlocker: AMITSESetup Decryptor & Unlocker | Alien Server

  6. Microsoft Surface Unlock including Microsoft Surface Pro 4/5/6/7/8/9/10: Microsoft Surface Unlock | Alien Server

  7. Lenovo Unlock including 1KB / 128KB/ 256KB, and along with Lenovo Wireless Card Unlocking: Lenovo Unlocker | Alien Server

  8. MAC Serial Editor & Unlock along with CRC32 Checksum Security Bypass: Apple Serial Editor & Unlocking | Alien Server

For More Details:
Tool Collection Link: Online Laptop Repairing Tool | Alien Server
Alien Server Details Link: GitHub - HackerajOfficial/Alien-Server: Alien Server is World Largest LCD/LED BIOS, EC BIOS, Main BIOS, Onboard RAM Disable BIOS, Schematic Diagram, Boardview, Repair Guide, Onboard RAM Disable, Datasheet, and Software Collections.

Thank You Very Much to Win-Raid Team.

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