OpenVPN v2.5.4 for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 x86

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Hi to all forum members and XP/2003 lovers!

OpenVPN v2.3.18 was the last version that officially supports Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. We lately had the need to use the newer version 2.5.4 of OpenVPN to support stronger data ciphers like AES-256-CBC. Therefore we decided to rebuild the whole package from the ground up to make it compatible with Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. The following article describes in detail how you can rebuild OpenVPN v2.5.4 for use on these older operating systems.

The benefits of this new version include:

- support of stronger data ciphers like AES-256-CBC
- new TAP-Driver with a network speed of 1 GBit/s instead of 10 MBit/s
- severe bug on Windows XP SP3 solved where we can’t connect to the VPN server

For more details visit:
There is also an article available on CodeProject, which is identical to the first link:…-for-Windows-XP

Attention: The source code package is 460 MB in size and contains all files you will need to do the OpenVPN v2.5.4 changes on your own in complete offline mode! There is also a separate binary package available on sourceforge.

Have fun with secure VPN on XP/2003!


Many thanks for this works !!!