ORIENT A1061SL and Acer Aspire X3200 with DA078L motherboard

Good evening!
To me brought in a computer with a motherboard DA078L and a damage SATA controller. I bought external controller ORIENT A1061SL based on ASMedia 106X and firmware version 3.80. On the forum found 1B21-0612_ASMedia_AHCI_3.80.bin. According instructions, this module was inserted into the firmware file, but no external SATA controller is visible in the BIOS of the computer and is still not seen. There are some subtleties, what am I doing wrong? I ask to help! Thanks in advance!

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The mainboard BIOS generally only shows and manages on-board Controllers. So if you are using an external SATA Controller, you can neither do the related Controller settings (enabled/disabled/SATA mode) from within the BIOS nor insert the related Firmware/Option ROM into the mainboard BIOS file.
So you should ask the manufacturer of your external SATA Controller for suitable drivers/Software and Firmware (incl. Flashing Utility).

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Flashing Utility for an external controller can help me?

Please ask the manufacturer of your external SATA Controller card.

Appealed to the manufacturer of an external SATA Controller board - there is no answer. What to do?

Buy another SATA Controller card with better support by the manufacturer5 zz.

All right, technical support answered me and sent all the necessary files: USB_boot_Flash and asmedia_asm106x_firmware_N0951. My further actions? Do I need to downgrade my controller firmware?

You should ask the manufacturer of your add-on card.
We don’t know
a) which Firmware the Controller needs and
b) whether it is even possible to “downgrade“ the current Firmware.

Here is the technical support response: it’s very likely that the BIOS of the motherboard does not transfer control of the controller BIOS.
It makes sense to find in the BIOS of the motherboard an item that,
forbids the use of “External BIOS” or update the BIOS of the motherboard.

I updated the firmware to version 0.89, the motherboard defined this controller in the BIOS, the hard drive was seen, the operating system was installed. Everything is working!!!