Overclocking an i3-9100F on a B360

Hello, everyone! I was trying to overclock my i3-9100f on a Gigabyte B360M H, but the “Host Clock Value” seems to be locked at 100mhz. I suspect this represent my BCLK value and I am thus willing to raise it, however the option is grayed out. I’ve tried looking for it in the BIOS and didn’t find, perhaps I didn’t look for the right thing, or didn’t enable the right things, or it was just disabled overall. Any suggestions on how to unlock it?

B360 boards don’t support CPU even with an unlocked-K processor.
The option are grayed but not locked, only grayed because there is no support for OC on chipset and i3 cpu. Get Z370/390.

I get your point and that is basic knowledge afaik, but I am specifically asking for BCLK OC, which I know has been achieved on some other b360 or similar boards.

Roger…then pick up the IFRextract tool in the forum and get all that you can from the bios file, you’ll see then what else is available to mod, NOT to add of course.

BCLK OC is a thing just in the 1st and 12th gen core i cpus/boards. Also the motherboard got to have a clock generator for the BCLK.

Sorry my friend to be straight through… you cant compare your motherboard to an AORUS B360 series, the items/settings that you want and need available cant be added to your bios, you can try risky operations, like some had sucess in cross flashing models.
Where is the external clock generator in your motherboard?..

setup_extr.rar (210.2 KB)
This is the output file, in which I could find some BCLK settings that I suppose are suppresed.

Could anybody give some tips on how to activate them, if of course those are the right settings that I am looking for?