P52 Bios WWAN Whitelist removal

i just got a p52 thinkpad workstation. i’ve dumped the bios to a file and was wondering if anyone could help unlock the wwan whitelist. i already have a wwan card i just need the bios unlocked so i can use it. thank in advance. ill tag the only person i know on this forum but anyone is welcome to help if they feel they can. @Lost_N_BIOS


@lowrck - This BIOS has Unauthorized Network Card in two modules, unsure which needs modified, or if both needs modified…
So here you have three BIOS to test, one of them should allow any card - http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…490553106512772

If your system has Intel Boot Guard enabled then you cannot use mod BIOS
To check if it is enabled, download ME System Tools V12 package from this thread in section “C” Inside, find the MEInfo folder, and inside that a win/win32 folder, from the folder run CMD prompt (select that folder, hold shift + Press right click, then choose open CMD Window here - not powershell)
Then run this command >> MEInfoWin.exe -verbose

Look at the bottom of the report, at Measured and or Verified Boot (Expected), if either one is enabled on the Left/FPF side then you cannot use the mod BIOS or boot guard will shut the system down immediately due to current config is Profile 4 FVE
BIOS/ME FW does have boot guard setup and enabled properly, so if the chipset/PCH is burned with either of those enabled then nothing you can do except replace the PCH

yeah… i wish i had known that before wasting your time on this task that was destined for failure from the beginning. measured boot is disabled but verified boot is enabled. damnit this means to use wwan i have to buy the stupid lenovo card. can’t believe this BS.

I didn’t even think to check until mod was done, so yes, little time wasted, but glad I checked first to save you some hassle of having to recover the brick it would have caused
They have a site you can check what all is approved, but probably short crap - https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-P-…st/td-p/4410832