P5K PRO does not detect SSD

With my P5K-PRO asus MB that has ICH9R on board if I connect Samsung extreme pro 240Gb SSD to sata connector the bios does not detect it. How can I get SSD working? I have tried to flash latest P5K PRO ROM from asus website v1303 but that just creates another problem in that when I set it to RAID (which I am running) it does not pick up my existing RAID 0 array and then wont reboot and I have to do CMOS restart. going back to my previous ROM or the release ROM RAID works again with my existing array.

anyway appreciate any help available

raid manager is marvell v7.5.xx


@scottfeirn :
Hello Scott,
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1. Which OS are you running?
2. Which SATA drives are connected to Intel SATA ports and which to Marvell SATA ports?
3. Is your RAID0 array an Intel or a Marvell one?
4. Which Intel RAID ROM version is within the current BIOS of your system?
5. Which Intel resp. which Marvell RAID driver version is installed?
6. Why do you use the Marvell RAID Manager and not the Intel one?

Dieter (alias Fernando)

windows 10
all sata drives are connected to intel
not using marvell ports (my mistake)
Intel ICH9R raid
intel raid version
not using marvell but I am using intel matix storage manager v7.5.xx?

sorry if I am not able to give all details because I am working from memory because when I flashed the latest bios v1303 then it will not recognise my raid 0 array (whereas my previous bios v601 and the original 0201 did). unfortunately I cant flash back to my older rom even using afudos it wont flash an older bios. so I am stuck because the version of raid is not shown unless I can get past the bios boot step, which I cant.

I am now trying to crash the bios and get asus crashfree bios to activate then give it my old ROM to flash but not having much luck at the moment.

I will keep trying to get v1303 to work else just throw the piece of junk out and buy a modern sytem!


@scottfeirn :
Thanks for havng answered my questions.
Provided, that you get your system running again, I recommend to
a) insert an Intel RST RAID ROM into the mainboard BIOS (best choice: v11.2.0.1527) and
b) use the Win10 inbox Intel RAID driver.

Thanks dieter but now the computer won’t do anything after crashing my bios it won’t enter crash free , it won’t boot to bios, no cursor and removing battery or clearing cmos does nothing so I think I can’t recover it without putting a new bios chip in it!

Hopefully it is just a BIOS and not a hardware issue.
Good luck!