P67A-UD4-B3 Multiplier Locked at 39X BIOS MOD

Hi guys, as you can see im using a P67A-UD4-B3 and a i7 3770k, but heres the thing my multiplier is limited to 39x so i can’t overclock it higher, i know that this has something to do with CPU microcode, and it is solved by upgrading the motherboard bios to UEFI, i talked with Stasio (which is from the Gigabyte Elite team) and he said: “try with Z68 UEFI BIOS, which must be modded for P67 BIOS code”. Is there anything i can do?


I believe this information is nonsense. The microcode fixes internal problems of the supported CPUs.
An OCed system could be more stable with updated microcode, but does not have to.
Mostly these updates fix some internal calculation/security/power management problems.

To get higher multipliers, an update of the main BIOS code (or BIOS setup code) would be necessary.

I don’t think you would gain anything by upgrading the microcode.

Best Regards,
Mr nUUb

EDIT: I inspected the latest BIOS of your mainboard and it definitly is not AMI BIOS, AMI Aptio (UEFI), Award/Insyde/Phoenix UEFI.
It is an old school Award BIOS. I do not know how anyone would be able to mod this thing to UEFI.

EDIT 2: I found the thread, where Stasio modded the BIOS here.
All instructions are there, but be warned: there is a very high risk you brick the board.