Packard Bell Easynote TG71BM BIOS Advanced Menu

Hi guys,

I have a Packard Bell Easynote TG71BM and my BIOS version is “InsydeH20 V1.10 rev 5.0”.

I want to access advanced menu in BIOS but i can’t. Please somebody help me…

I want to change RAM frequency in BIOS. How to access advanced menu in my BIOS? I tried “fn+TAB” x3 but it didn’t work.

I sharing my BIOS file:

Sorry, my english is very bad. Please help me…

CPU-Z 0.jpg

CPU-Z 1.jpg

modded bios:

intel overclock

Hi my friend,

At first, thank you very much

But i can’t install this “.fd” file. I tried with InsydeFlash but failed.

I can see that eror.

How can i install this “.fd” file? Please help me


CH341A+SOIC8 (aliexpress)

h2ouve :
I found an easier way and made a video for you.

loves from Turkey

My friend, thank you so much.

I can access now advanced menu in BIOS.
But I can’t see overclock options. Also, I can’t see overclok options again in advanced menu when I setup that your sharing “modded.fd” file with Insyde H2O Setup Editor. I sharing what my runtime BIOS and your modded BIOS looks in Insyde H2O Setup Editor.

I tried install Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility but it failed. I have a problem. I sharing that problems.

How can I overclock my system? Please help me.

Sorry, my english is very bad.



Runtime BIOS.png

Modded BIOS.jpg

intel tuning overclock:…p-throttlestop/

do as you see in the picture and restart the computer turbo mode will be constantly on and performance will be better but on laptops the processors are usually off for overclocking, so just do what i say performance will be better


I found a new bios update try this
bios update v1.15:
Packard Bell Easynote TG71BM=acer es1-512
packerd bell=acer…spire%20ES1-512

I really wonder if you can send me a photo of the bios screen.

Thank you my friend but it failed. :frowning:


I did it. Thank you so much. But I wanna change RAM frequency. I have 8gb RAM. It is runing in 1333 Mhz. But it supported 1600 Mhz. :frowning:



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thank you @Fernando

Can you reupload bios file?

Hugs from Poland :wink: