PCIe Bifurcation and NVME Support for Asrock Extreme 4 X79

Is it possible to add PCIE Bifurcation for Asrock Extreme 4 X79 on bios 3 70 stock?
I have bought a asus hyper m2 card. The card only works wirth ine nvme .

Lost N Bios helped me already with a nvme mod. So i know nvme support is pissible but how about pcie bifurcation? Or is this chipset too old already?


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@StormRaider - we can do it Can you see Advanced >> North Bridge? If yes, inside North Bridge can you see IOH or not?
Additionally, can you see Advanced >> PCI Subsystem Settings )w/ two submenus in there? << If yes, give me images of everything you can see here, and inside the submenus