PCIe cards with multiple OpRoms

Hi. Does anyone know of modern PCIe add in cards (e.g. NIC, video cards, NVME SSD etc), which have multiple PCI ROMs (EFI, legacy, etc?) flashed into their firmware.

I’m currently building my own UEFI BIOS for test purposes - and need some Option ROMs to test and parse. I want modern and super popular hardware devices to test code on. The more OpROMs loaded onto a device the better. I’ve got 1 device, a PCIe network card which has a UEFI based PXE OpROM on and can get the OpROM from PciConfigSpace.XROMBASEADDR, now I want more varied hardware with more multiple OpROMs (EFI, legacy, etc) in the flash to test.

Most of them should have both a BIOS image and an UEFI image coexisting in the same ROM chip. When the Firmware wants to load an Option ROM, it should scan it to identify the proper image header depending on BIOS/UEFI boot mode to known which one to use.

What are you looking for specifically that you’re making such question?

Added more info in the OP.