Pegatron / Medion BIOS ???

I have 2 * laptop Medion MD98473

With the original INTEL 7620 combo WIfi */ Bluetiooth card i have no problem

With a Intel 7620 dual band the wifi 2.4 & 5g are ok but bluetooth part is not detected

i think that is a BIOS problem

i have found an old bios version for test but i cannot flash because old

BIOS is APTIO & motherboard Pegatron

product full name? device ids? os you are using?
I have checked Medion but it says there is no such device

Product name = MD984736 also P7627T MSN: 3001 6098…076-black-37401…ile.language=en

Bluetiooth not detected is specific with this laptop ( with all ACER, ASUS, HP or others wif 2.4 / 5 G and Bluetooth run fine )

Searching for P7627T worked
I believe you have installed drivers from there
unfortunately they are not providing any bios files but spec says ami bios
This is the latest for 7260 family wireless drivers
That being said,after installing a new card,you should uninstall previous driver in order to avoid problems,then install the new card’s driver
Then you should also check device’s settings and see if there are settings like bluetooth collaboration or something similar which disabling 10 also has an setting to turn the bluetooth off (not sure if win8 had the same)

That is not a driver problem because bluetooth is not detected in Device Manager

With an another card combo Ahteros AR5B22 2.4/5G + bluetooth same bluetooth problem