Perhaps a non-Microsoft Generic USB3 xHCI Driver?

For NVMe, there is a pretty sizable discussion regarding the Open Fabrics driver which can be used with Windows 7 in a generic fashion instead of the MS provided hotfixes - and it also has the advantage of better performance, and is more modular (it only seems to include the driver.) If you look at the MS hotfixes, they update quite a bit suggesting they have to re-implement an entire stack of framework for dependency reasons.

This makes me wonder, maybe the reason the 7850 drivers are not working is because they depend on additional code in something like the regular USB driver that was added in (and trying to make these work is potentially impossible.)

I came across this website which makes it sound like they have the ability to make a generic driver that works with all xHCI compliant controllers: - but it looks like they generally license/make specific drivers that wouldn’t fit the bill. Maybe there is some sort of driver like this that would work in a generic fashion?

@Omicron :
Thanks for the interesting link.
Unfortunately I didn’t find the “generic” USB 3.0/3.1 drivers themselves.

@Fernando :

Neither did I aside from the “generic drivers” section mentions “MCCI’s generic drivers provide a simple way to write applications that can communicate directly with a device without writing any custom drivers.” I found this link on another thread here - and wondered if anyone knew more about it.