PH315-52 (i7 9750h) CPU not performing

Product : Acer Helios 300 PH315-52 (with bios menu unlocked)
CPU : i7-9750H
base clock is 2.6GHz and Turbo boost is 4.5GHz
my system is runing at 4.2 GHz on idle but as i start a game or stress test(aida64) my cpu clock speeds starts falling and goes below 2.1 ghz i have applied liquid metal on it and removed all the stock thermal paste,pads and putty on the cores i saw difference of -15 C and cpu is not thermals throttling but it does shows current limit throttling and PL2
i thought it must be the bios causing the problem so i got my bios advanced menu unlocked with the help of this fourm only but could not find anything in bios and don’t have much knowledge



Can you find the setting along the following path in your modified BIOS: Advanced -> Power & Perfomance -> CPU - Power Management Control -> View/Configure Turbo Options -> Power Limit 2?



@Ansh2236 , isn’t that what you need to change? The 90000 mW power limit is clearly not enough to run CPU at 4.2 GHz under high load.

What should I set it to ?

Its value should definitely not exceed the capabilities of your power supply. I do not know how much your processor can consume in boost. It’s all up to you - try to add watts, increase the limit and test whether it has become better. In fact, it is quite dangerous.

i have this issue to, as soon as my bios was unlocked, my cpu started lowering its clock speed on idle. it has never done this before the bios was unlocked, so im unsure of how to resolve it and i have tried turning on and off things but couldnt fix it…

if someone could help me out that would be great

some this power limits controls EC fw on notebook "not react on your setup" - IMON for bypass NO LIMIT
first determine BD-prochot ? critical for you _- HWINFO

TCC activation "8" ? 92C PROCHOT is here

EDP - VR setup "iccmax" current limit
igpu - set lower / raise cpu on this system .,.but 0.9V and 90C ?? not ideal status !!!
for better cpu managment

/ stress + this must you read "repair problematic zone"
GT - igpu
PL1/PL2 or PL4 - bios or IMON bypass…2054824&slide=0
cpu zone

and basic “example”
PL1 - some “sec” 28s / PL2 - some “ms” 2.5ms // PL3/PL4 + EC fw ??
your setup is 45W long period / 90W short period – works by your setup ?

bench ignore and setup your notebook in gaming :smiley: ,…,real TDP 6cores no limit 150W

LM? here very carefully !
unless you use nickel-plated copper and new correct thermal pads is this problem !!!
,.and risk HWdefect

LM is very fast absorb on clean copper “first re-paste” is possitible will works only few days.
and signals are corrected after EC reading “ignores fast spikes” until it’s late - shutdown limit or burned machine !

I often had a problem “shutdown limit” for 50-60C + random PROCHOT — dry zones in LM
.,.,but my MSI has EC limit which does not damage the equipment !

but problem is most time invisible on LM ,.,.carefully
you need any smart limit “when have 90C for 0.9V” or using bad pads or badly LM application

LM - TG conductonaut ??…ew-ph315-52/#a7
this compare vs yours

RTX - 85C max " i recommend 80C"
AF or similar app - new voltage curve

CPU - 90C for performance "PROCHOT -94C for non-K cpu ,.,.here is only 92C"
undervolt / cpu ratios / or any smart setup // cooling pad

good luck or PM if you need more info “here is this little off-topic”